How Much Authority Employees Have About the Way They Do Their Work

This is about how much authority employees have about the way they do their work. Lack of influence and consultation in the way in which work is organized and performed can be a potential source of pressure.

Stay Organized

Even if you’re a naturally disorganized person, planning ahead to stay organized can greatly decrease stress at work. Being organized with your time means less rushing in the morning to avoid being late and rushing to get out at the end of the day. Keeping yourself organized means avoiding the negative effects of bad people and being more efficient with your work.

Walk at Lunch

Many people are feeling ill effects from leading the same lifestyle. One way you can get rid of that, and manage stress at work at the same time, is to get some exercise during your lunch break and take short exercise breaks throughout the day. This can help you lift your mood, and get into better shape.

Listen to Music on the Drive Home

Listening to music brings many benefits and can offer an effective way to relieve stress after work. Getting relieved of the stress of a long day at work with your favorite music on the drive home can make you less stressed when you get home, and more prepared to interact with the people in your life.

Take A Deep Breath

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are coming out of a tense meeting and need to clear your head, a few minutes of deep breathing will restore balance. Simply inhale for five seconds, hold and exhale in equal counts through the nose.

Be Your Own Best Critic

Instead of being harsh and critical of yourself, try pumping yourself up. Encouraging thoughts will help motivate you to achieve and ultimately train you to inspire others.

At my work place there was a man whom everybody calls as bimbo. He is the kind of person who is not ready to talk to anyone and is always working alone and continuously the thoughts are running in his mind. Being a team leader, it is my responsibility to talk to such people and ask them if they are facing any problems at work or why is he always in so much stress.

After talking to him he told me that he is going through some financial problems and the company is not paying him the overtime he is doing at work. And he is afraid that if he leaves this job he might not get another one so quickly. This was the reason that lead him to be so stressful and a very quiet person.

After listening this, I made him feel comfortable by saying him that taking stress is no good thing for his work and for his health as well. Every problem has a solution. Instead of thinking about the situation again and again, he should go and talk to the manager about the problem and get it solved. And if the manager does not do anything then he should talk to the owner about the problem and ask about his rights.