Guns should be Banned Argumentative Essay

The ban on the guns in America has always been a hot issue on whether to ban guns or not ban legalization of the use of the gun. The legalization of the can be attributed to the increased killing in the United States. Some of the killing incident linked with the use of the gun includes; on February 14, 2018, there was mass killing that was witnessed in the parkland high school where seventeen people happened to lose their life as per the information by Dillon (Dillon, at al.pg2). This incident can be attributed to the legalization of the use of the gun in public. If then gun possession can be regulated then it means that some of the incidents would be not experienced since the gun access would be very hard.

Another recent incident there was also a mass killing in the church in the Sutherland spring Texas. In the killing, the attackers killed the people in the church in November 2017. In this incident, the number of people who are killed includes twenty-six and also sixteen people were injured according to Farooq (Farooq, If in any case, we would be in a position to affect the ban on the gun we can be in a position to avert some of the deadly instances such as the killing that has been present. In this essay, it mainly focuses on why we should join hands and go against legalization of the ban and instead fight for the ban on the gun possession. Guns should be banned because today we hear more about kids and teenagers killing one another accidentally or for murder with a gun, but this is not because we don’t have enough laws on guns. Kids can get their hands-on tobacco, and alcohol or other drugs that there are laws against. It has nothing to do with the laws but it does have to do with the people not caring about the laws.

The first benefit of making guns illegal is that the number of accidental shootings would decrease. In 2016 a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 38665 American citizens died because of the accidental discharge of a firearm. Yes, if guns were banned, criminals would have a bit more power. But when has that stopped them in the past. Some people are authorized to carry guns, and criminals know that, yet the still rob banks, convenience stores, houses, and people on a day-to-day basis. It has not deterred them so far, so it is safe to assume that they would continue like always if no one had them. But this would make it easier for law enforcement as well. Now, they know that if anyone is carrying a gun, they are breaking the law, and can act appropriately to see justice is served, preferably by arresting the offender. Protection for your home is a seemingly logical point.

Use a gun to keep your house safe? The only problem is that guns are mostly just able to be used as a scare tactic for criminals, rather than being any good for actual defense. A home is close quartered, with many obstacles standing in the way of you and your target. In most cases, physical combat would be better for home defense, because it will actually damage your opponent, rather than wasting bullets. Not to mention that keeping a gun in the house is dangerous, even without a firefight for your homes safety. A study showed that the presence of a gun drastically increased the number of children who died within the household Even though the ban control was first introduced by Obama in the urge to control it was received with variously mixed reaction. Some of the people were against the ban control. As the people argue against the ban of the gun, they should but into consideration the harmful effect that it has caused and the number of the people it has maimed and also the number of the people it has maimed their life.

Not only did Obama fight for the ban of the use of the gun but also the advocacy group was involved in the move to try and convince the people to be in a position to support the ban of the possession of the gun. Democrats candidate Clinton also was in the move to ask for the regulation of the laws that govern the arms. Some of the people who were the against the ban on the possession of the arms include the Republican member Donald triumph and also the national rifle association. In their argument, they said that the possession of the gun is not in any way the reasons as to why there is the increased suicide rate. In their argument, they even claimed that the possession of the gun in a great way help in the countering of the killing. The analogy that was used is when one has the gun attached to his or her waist then the suicide killer shall have to think twice before the use of the gun since he or she sees that the person he plans to attack can counter the attack using the gun that is on the waist.

One of the shortcomings that have been evident in the gun possession is that they do not first carry out a personal check to the person buying the gun. A personal check would be the best idea since before a person is allocated with a gun. The test to determine if he is the hot-tempered type since with people with this attitude might cause a lot of the damage to people if they are in possession of the guns Some of the reasons that are given as to why we should have the ban of the gun laws banned include. With the legalization of the gun use then it does mean that we are disrespecting the police work. An instance of a woman who has the gun in the name of preventing herself from the rape and crime they are usually disrespecting the work of the police since the police are the people who are charged with the responsibility of the investigation of the cases such as the murder. Secondly, the majority of the people who are in possession of the gun do not even fire as for the statistic that has been collected. Through this one can be in a position to argue that if one dies to purchase the gun and does not make the use of it, then the laws on the possession of the guns should be abolished. ( Kleck,at, al.pg2)

The use of the gun shall cause the children to be ignorant about the gun. The ignorance shall be mainly caused by the rampant use of the gun in the children games and also in the movie which raises the preference of the children to want to experiment on the things that he has been doing in the movie with the real gun this might cause great issues. Some of the crimes that are mainly in the street can be attributed to the easy access to the guns. Some of that crime include the drug dealing, and also the gang city. To curb this challenge the use of the gun ban can help in dealing with the war on the drug and also the city. And government should make strict laws for possessing a gun. Every person should not be allowed to possess a gun. In my view is that through the ban on the legal possession of the gun there shall be more changes. In any case of the occurrence of the suicidal killing as it has usually happened and also any activity involving the use of the gun it shall be easy to trace the user of the gun since there shall be no contradiction of who owns the gun. The ban of the gun use shall help in a greater extent in the control of the terrorist activity since terrorist might be maximizing on the side that the legalization of the use of the gun. Since they know that the American has easy access to the gun, this makes it easier for them to attack since even when they are seen in the street carrying the gun, then it might be presumed that the person or the people carrying the gun have already procured the silences to be holding the gun.

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