Argumentative Essay on Energy Drinks should be Banned

In contrast with some proposers of energetic drinks, I believe that those beverages are a growing trend; moreover, they have serious effects on our health and some people consume it due to the well done marketing which targets the adults and adolescents specifically nowadays because advertisers always aim to know what people are interested in and what they seek for. Those drinks are also marketed as they give the consumer power and more energy but without being aware of the adverse components which contain it.

Energy drinks lead to negative effects due to the presence of the amounts of caffeine and sugar or sweeteners in almost all of those drinks (Rath, 2012). Young people are regularly devouring caffeinated drinks preceding and amid exercise or donning occasions. This training can rapidly prompt drying out and in addition tremors, warm stroke, or heart assaults. The mix of liquid misfortune from perspiring amid exercise with the diuretic impact of caffeine causes expanded danger of drying out. Consuming caffeine highly may be accompanied with daily persistent headaches, mostly among the women aged about less than 40 years old (Malinauskas et al, 2007).

The caffeine in energy beverages gives the consumer the attractive impacts of expanded readiness, enhanced memory, and upgraded state of mind (Malinauskas et al, 2007). Caffeine’s cardiovascular impacts incorporate a reducing rates of the heart and increasing in the blood pressure. Moreover, caffeined energetic drinks offers the consumer the needed effects for instance, increase of alertness, improvement of memory, and enhancement of mood. Yet, caffeine can also do have consequences which are dangerous physically (Malinauskas et al, 2007). In sum, caffeine is one of the main serious ingredient in energy drinks which lead to severe health conditions when its intake and consumption increase.

What is more, sugar and the other ingredients that present in the energetic drinks. Those components are harmful for health as well as the caffeine; it is proved the consumption of a certain substance more than the body needs, leads to adverse effects on the human who do so. Sugar is a notable source of vitality for the cerebrum, muscles, red platelets, and different cells of the body and is a fundamental part of the normal body functioning (Rath, 2012). In addition, the centralization of sugar in one caffeinated drink well exceeds the most extreme suggested day by day admission of sugar by a few times (Rath, 2012). When the sugar starts to separate, it sends the body into a ‘crash mode’, giving the recognition that more sugar is required all together for the body to work fittingly (Rath, 2012). As sugar in blend with the caffeine will build the glucose levels and give the body an underlying vitality blasted, this is normally trailed by a sudden fall in glucose levels causing a ‘crash’ and the feeling of worn out and torpid once more (Rath, 2012).

Adolescents and young adults are pulled into energetic drinks for their apparent advantages. However, those people are only from time to time mindful of the destructive impacts undeniable in these drinks. The body ends up acquainted with energy drinks requiring a greater amount of these substances with the end goal to work and look after execution. In another words energy drinks also are not beneficial while exercising; they cause dehydration giving the body a smaller amount enery to workout.

Energy drinks can lead to addiction and migraines which are gained from the caffeine’s presence. Not only these effects but also those drinks lead to another odds; for example, feelings of extreme nervousness, Insomnia which is known as the habitual sleeplessness because the excessive amount of caffeine keeps us conscious (Dossantos, 2015). Last but not least, because of expanded caffeine utilization among adolescents and adults, expanded rates of hypertension, a sleeping disorder, constant migraines, engine spasms, touchiness, learning challenges, and other unfavorable impacts have been distinguished. Also, a large number of these unfriendly impacts depend on the amount that is expended.

Weighing up both sides of the argument, it is proved and stated that energetic drinks are not advantageous for our health as well as the young adults and adolescents specifically because of the very dangerous effects and impacts followed from the consuming of that kind drinks.with the full respect to the proposers who are with the consumption of energy drinks but they are totally unbeneficial, by time passes they affect the health of every human being using and drinking it for the sake of energetic lifestyle and performance. So, it is valuable to acquaint plans with keep the utilization of caffeinated drinks and give data about the conceivable wellbeing dangers as of now in exceptionally youthful puberty.

To conclude, those drinks must be reduced in their intake and go for the healthy lifestyle that will definitely provide us with better energy and healthy performance. It will never be worthy to have an abnormal way of gaining energy to do our daily activites. The goal is to have a normal well organized way to be strengthened without going through intolerable kinds of body defects and functions. All things considered are way convincing to reduce or even prohibit the consumption of energetic drinks.

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