Fahrenheit 451 Book Review

In the novel fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury you can discover the theme of knowledge is joyful and painful by analyzing tone,point of view and setting. In fahrenheit 451 the tone was very futuristic and gloomy. The world is portrayed in the novel it is a dictatorial police state filled with strange technological modernizations that have deprived man kind of a purpose.

Montag starts fires instead of putting them out books in montag society is forbidden to read and if caught reading will be set on fire. Instead of reading this society watches the amounts of tv as big as the wall and listens to the radio when attached to people ears. It is not normal for people to talk and have mean full conversations until montag put ms.clarisse who helps him open up thoughts asks him why he choose the job and etc. I got my evidence out of the text it states that montag is a fireman and who job is to burn books and burn building and put out fires and he also helps people if they have a fire and he also believe people should not read books if they do he will set them on fire.

I believe burning books is a negative influence to the younger generation because reading helps people think learn and comprehend better. In concluding ray bradbury want readers to know the importance of reading and thinking. One of the quotes states that he thinks to much things he just want to get this message to people its and unspecified but not to distance people. In ray radbury text they talks about clarisse she use tone setting and point of view clarisse mclean is innocent curious and full of love.

Fahrenheit 451 is ray bradbury text and clarise is a girl who is so sweet and peaceful. In the text it states that clarisse is a person who like nature and is not m violent. She is interested in odd things which is what draws her to montag he is a fireman without the typical fireman qualities she gets to ask him questions about his job. So clarisse is not trying to teach montag anything she trying to learn from him.

I believe clarisse is a peaceful person because she does her part help people and loves people and also gives montag advice. In conclusion montag loves people he try to help many people as possible so as clarisse she loves people even montag she gives him advice and ray bradbury is a great person for having these people in his book he is a very great author.

In ray bradbury text fahrenheit 451 montag the protagonist live in a town where a world that changes on him everyday and he start to realize as a fireman montag changes throughout the book montag changes. Every one undergoes change in their life it is beneficial or not some one can have a life threat. Montag is a book but nobody realizes that yet technology changes he feel as though it is not fine for people who loved to read books. I think burning books is not great because people should learn as much as possible reading can change people lives throughout the years and throughout history people love books.

In conclusion fahrenheit 451 is a perfect example of setting can play a big part in a story helping to give insight into characters and advance the storyline. Ray bradbury does a terrific job of incorpe things of the setting allowed the story and making them take move from forming a better mental image of what they reading.