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Vincent Van Gogh Paper

Vincent van Gogh is a well-known artist that influences a lot of artists including myself. Vincent Van Gogh was born in Zundert, Netherlands in 1853. He was the eldest of 5 children: 3 boys and 2 girls. Vincent got a lot of support from most of his family when he began his art career. His […]

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Vincent Van Gogh: Linking Mental Disorders to Creation

Certain forms of mental illness have long been linked to creativity, to the perception of color and shape, and to the outlook one has on the contemporary world. Individuals suffering from mental illness often display a conception of the world in a original way, literally seeing what others cannot. Mental illness is clearly not necessary […]

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Vincent Van Gogh: One of the most Famous Artists

If one was to ask someone to name five artist off of the top of their head, they are destined to get Van Gogh as one of their answers in the response of that person. Even though he remained poor and and almost anonymous for most of his life, he is still considered one of […]

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Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night

The Starry Night is an oil on canvas painting by impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. The whirling clouds in the sky create movement and directs the eye of the viewer around the painting. The fluid lines and curving shapes of the clouds create a flow throughout the sky, which takes up most of the painting. […]

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Expression of Emotion in the Paintings of Vincent Van Gogh

As it is often said, art is an expression of one self, but what is not often mentioned is that art is also an expression of one’s psychological state of mind. Vincent van gogh was an artist who suffered from continuous attacks of paralyzing anxiety, depression, and symptoms of bipolar disorder. This is the case […]

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An Essay on Van Gogh and his Works

Vincent Van Gogh was a unique and unusual man. The famous suffering artist aimed to express his mental, emotional, and spiritual state in his paintings. Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists of our time, though he only sold one painting during his lifetime. Each of his paintings showed how Van Gogh viewed […]

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Research Paper Covering the Life of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was a Post-Impressionist artist who lived in the late 1800s. Although you may not know exactly who he is, you know his work. His infamous wave-like Starry Night is one of his more familiar masterpieces. Van Gogh’s paintings of nature and everyday objects captivate our minds and imaginations; drawing us into their […]

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Vincent Van Gogh: Tragic Beauty

“…The cutting of his ear has always overshadowed the incredible story of his life.” (Sherway Academy Arts & Sciences, 2017) Vincent Van Gogh is known for his colorful impressionistic paintings and the artist who cut of his ear but not everyone knows there’s more to his story. His style wasn’t always the bright impressionistic paintings. […]

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