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Story of Propaganda

By 1500s, Christianity had immensely been developing in Europe. Therefore, Baroque religious arts played a key role in spreading the power of the Catholic Church for propagandistic purposes. Besides, the Catholic Church embraced the religious power of art to appeal piety and devotion. As a result, the role of the Pope was reinforced as the […]

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Realism in Wharton and Howells

Realism is a snapshot that usually includes upper class characters and specific language to represent truths during the time period in between wars. It was popular between the civil war and the beginning of World War I and was important because it held truth in characters and represented real life problems that every human had […]

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Realism in Russia

Introduction: Realism is one of the strongest theories that apply to international relations. Realism can be defined in a general sense as a theory of international relations where a state’s primary concern is security. The goal is to have the most security within one owns state rather than being concerned with other states issues or […]

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Realism, Morality, and Truth

During the 19th century, literary artists began portraying life as they believed it truly was: real people in real relationships with real jobs and real problems. This period that eventually evolved to be a popular style of writing, known as Realism, was a direct counter to Romanticism and focused on socio-economic ideals that were taboo […]

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Ethnorgaphic Realism and Visual Anthropology

In the field of Anthropology, many anthropologists strive to research, observe and collect data from various cultures throughout the world. This form of research can be taken on in many different forms, from the aspects of biological, linguistic, archaeological, and many other fields. However, a field that many consider being new and innovative in the […]

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Magical Realism in Beloved and Wise Children

The novel takes its origins from classical Greek and Roman and continues to be one of the most important genres through decades. With the changes of society and technology, the novel changes in order to keep up with them. Thus, the contemporary authors created new terms and themes in novels that can help them in […]

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Critical Analysis of Bazin’s Argument of Achieving Realism in Cinema

In the article “The Evolution of the Language of Cinema,” Andre Bazin discusses the use of the long take and the deep focus techniques in order to portray a sense of realism to the audience. To illustrate his point, he examines directors Orson Welles and William Wyler’s use of both as tools in their films. […]

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What Magical Realism Elements are Present in the Film “Coco”

The film Coco is centered on the character of Miguel, a young boy aged 12 who has a deep passion for music. However, his family members who are cobblers have forbidden the practice of music for generations. Music is treated as an omen in this family because Miguel’s great-great-grandfather abandoned his wife to pursue his […]

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Socialist Realism

Socialist realism is used through film, art, literature, and music to create a feeling in the audience or to connect with an individual on a personal level and make them feel a connection to the state and show how wonderful the state is. Socialist realism is what the state calls “politically correct art”. It creates […]

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The Heart of Realism

“A lack of realism in the vision today costs credibility tomorrow” (Maxwell). Realism is a powerful tool many authors use to create a realistic picture in their work. Many authors such as Bret Harte, Mark Twain, and William Dean Howells used this in their work to display a realistic image of the world through their […]

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