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Comparative Characteristics of Plato and Aristotle

Two of the most well known philosophers of all time are Aristotle and Plato. These two philosophers disagreed on many things and approached the same ideas in different ways. The major point I am going to discuss is that Plato cannot accept Aristotle’s claims that all states are natural and all citizens are capable of […]

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How Is Oedipus a Tragic Hero

In the play, the country of Thebes is stricken by a great plague, and king Oedipus, being a noble leader, is determined to find the solution of ending the scourge. A determined Oedipus goes on a quest of determining the truth behind his parentage and the old prophecy. After a thorough investigation, he traces the […]

Pages: 7 Words: 2044
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Humanism in Octavia Butler’S “Dawn”

In Octavia Butler’s “Dawn,” she uses the Other, to criticize the construct of humanity under Humanism—specifically dealing with the sexualization of the human subject. Butler creates another post-modern world, which she does so well in her other works, to reimagine and challenge Humanism while empowering those who are marginalized under its current ideology—the Other. I […]

Pages: 7 Words: 1976

The Essence of The Philosophy of Socrates

Throughout the years, there are and continues to be great philosophers in history. Such as Aristotle and Socrates which were great Greek philosophers. Greek philosopher Aristotle’s theory is in the pursuit of happiness. In which he believes,“happiness depends on ourselves.” According to Aristotle, world view was that humans’ actions are purposeful in such a way […]

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