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The Role of Mozart in The Age of Enlightenment

Wolfgang Mozart was born in seventeen fifty-six in Salzburg, Austria. Around this time, music was developing from the music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras into more complete works with a more sophisticated development of instrumentation. In this time Mozart would come to be known as one of the most talented musical composers. When he […]

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The Influence of The French Revolution on The Enlightenment

The central theme of the Enlightenment – and what made it revolutionary – was the idea of progress. Human society was not fixed by tradition or divine command but could be changed, and improved, by human action guided by reason.” which can be found in the textbook known as Ways of the World: A Brief […]

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Background and Reasons for The Beginning of The Great French Revolution

The power of the king, the nobles and the Church • While King Louis XVI was still a powerful monarch, he was believed to be more “enlightened” than those who ruled before him. • Louis XVI knew about enlightenment, but still didn’t really do much in the way of reform, as nobles had lower taxes, […]

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Was The French Revolution Necessary

The French Revolution was a necessary revolution that gave the people of France their independence and a new form of government that was much needed. Before the French revolution, France was going through the Renaissance, which sparked some causes for the French Revolution. The government before the revolution was very unequal to the people of […]

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The French Revolution and History

Sciences and enlightenment in the French revolution crucially impacted the unrolling of the of its prominent ideas that it tried to get across. Scientific methods empowered ideologies and artilleries, it shifted Politics, power, war, culture and the economy in 18th century France. Furthermore, it greatly impacted and shifted the world we live today. The involvement […]

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