Difficult Moment and Difficult Decision

Mr Kimera was a famous hunter who used to stay in Rabuka forest adjacent to a flowing river with his family. He was a famous person due to his hunting and the conflict resolution skills. He stayed happily with his wife and five children. He never lacked anything since his wife used to do basketry and other small business hence making him enjoy life while doing farming and hunting. His wife Tina was a very respectable woman in the village due to her humility and the level of hardworking he used to put daily hence becoming exemplary to the other women in the village. After the outbreak of a certain drought which attacked the area, he decided to move with his family and animals from a certain town to another. This was the point when they were faced with a very tough choice to make. They all had all the possibilities but non-could work well for them and none of their possibilities could be a probable solution to the problem at hand by then.

Mr Kimara decided to move with some of his animals and sweet potatoes since most of his animals and crops had died of drought. He decided to take a goat, the leaves of the sweet potatoes and a leopard with him so that he can start a new life with these two animals and the sweet potatoes. At this moment, he was with his family which he supported the idea of migrating to another the place with this animals and crop. They began a journey as early as possible since they were to reach the destination before the sunset. The two animals were under close supervision and non-could cause some harms. At this time, the goat and the leopard were both very hangry since they had not eaten anything throughout the day. This meant that if the leopard could get a chance then it would consume the goat alive and if the goat is granted an opportunity, it would eat the sweet potatoes leaves leaving no crop for the family to go and plant. So, they were subjected to a very close supervision throughout the journey. They proceeded with the journey as they were planning on how and what they would do in a new area.

On reaching a certain bridge at Swat, everything was in a mess since he was required to make an informed choice in order to safeguard the life of a goat and the sweet potatoes. He was required to help the animals cross the river but not to expose them to the risk inherent. He was required only to cross the animals and the crop’s leaves to the other side of the flowing river one. He was to take one by one to the other side and come for another as his family was resting under a certain tree. He was faced with a very complex choice since taking the goat, followed by the leopard to the next side of the river would not be possible since the leopard will eat the goat. It was required that he take one to the other side when he comes for the other animal or a crop.

If he moved with the leopard to the other side of the river, the goat would eventually eat the sweet potatoes leaves and if he moved with the sweet potatoes, then the leopard would eat the goat while he is on the other side or while trying to move to the next side of the river. He was faced with a difficult situation on which should be taken first. At this point, there was no appropriate solution according to him since everything was at risk. He sat almost an hour trying to meditate on the best means but he could not get one. The problem of ferrying them one by one to part of the bridge really bear no fruits after meditating for long since his main goal was to ensure the safety of the animals involves the crop. So, the issue was to take to the other side of the river while maintaining its security and the security of those who are left behind. So, the problem persisted and remained standing still for long mediating on the appropriate means of ensuring safety but all in vain. After some arguments on this issue, his wife could not help on this at all.SO he remained on the side of the river with no help.

What the old man could have done was that he could have decided to take the goat first and leave behind the leopard and the sweet potatoes leave since the leopard could not eat the sweet potatoes leaves. On reaching the other side of the river, he could leave the goat and come back for a leopard. He could take the leopard to the other side and bring back the goat. On reaching the other side of the river, he could leave the goat behind and move with the sweet potatoes leaves to the other side of the river then he leaves them with the leopard and comes for the goat. By doing this, he could have avoided the cases of the standstill and insecurity. Alternatively, he could have advised his wife to cross and stand on the other side of the river so that she can safeguard the goat from the leopard’s attack or the sweet potatoes from being eaten by the goat. This could have been a noble idea if Mr Kimera could apply.