Diagnosing Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

A lot of people use psychology today in many different ways either it be research or interrogation or even experiments. Then again psychology is the study of the mind and it’s behavior. Psychology also comes with a lot of things called sub-fields including different material. Such as development, health, sports, clinical, and social behavior. Psychology can cover almost everything you do in your life because it is based off the study of the brain. We use this because in everything your life revolves around is based of neurons firing in your brain. Psychology is studied for different acts of mental stability such as athletes, movie stars, scientist, or even disorders or other functions of mental behaviors. Psychologist use studies to keep find out more and more about the brain each day. The brain is a big key to our survival.

We study the brain to find out why we take in information through actions. Such as why most of our brains are wired to have attractions to the opposite sex. This is based on a survival instinct to keep our species from going extinct. We also use it to observe our mood changes and mood swings. We can be diagnosed for symptoms or rare disorders revolving the way our emotions react to certain trials such as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is where your body sometimes changes moods very rapidly and might cause you to have a sudden outburst of reactions and inappropriate contents being exploited in public that you sometimes can not help. We can overcome these things from psychologist studying medicines and going through series of test to see what can stabilize these disorders. Psychology can also help you understand why certain things happen and why people do certain things. Such as a serial killer. When a mass murder of some sort gets incarcerated psychologist get a chance to sit down and question and sometimes do brain study on the person to try and find out why a person would do such things. Most the time it would add up from background history and other things.

Mental health is a huge part of the human life which can lead to hard frustrating life to a more healthy happier life as well. Some people think mental health is based on how you view and think about life. Then again feelings play a huge part of our actions. A mass majority in the world make their decisions in life based on emotions. Sometimes that is good thing sometimes that can get you in trouble in todays time. What do we do use to cope our emotions with? The correct answer should be to talk to a fellow member you can trust or to a professional. Sometimes this concept will involve medicines and other things in that field. In today’s time we think it is a good idea to use stimulants to help our stress. Stimulants are things that make you feel better to take your mind/body of the toll that is pulling you down. We use drugs, alcohol, and even death as a way to solve things. I know that sounds scary but it is the truth on what psychology still runs through today. All these different variety of examples show how far psychology is based on what we do today.

Another importance to psychology is when we go out to get jobs we do background checks and do mental health test to get certain jobs. Sometimes if you are diagnosed with some mental disorders that can stop you from getting jobs. The military is a huge example of this. If you are even color blind you can not join our military forces. For example if my sister wanted to join the military she would be unable to join because she has epilepsy and this is a mental disorder to where if she sees too many flashing lights at a quick period of time it can cause her body to go into a seizure. Psychology is the study of the brain and we use our brain in almost everything we do pretty much. There are many different things to study about the brain and how it works and why it works the way it does. The things we use our brains for can either help us or break us in life.

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