Bipolar Disorder in Early Adulthood

I would like to be a psychiatrist when I am older. The reason this job interests me is because I like to help people. Another reason why is because I find things like mental disorders very interesting and I feel like if I enter this field, I will learn a lot about mental disorders and how it affects people’s lives. Another thing I find intriguing about this job is learning about people’s lives. I have always been a people person so learning about people’s lives and their minds would be great for me.

A psychiatrist does many different things. One of those things is diagnosing patients. When they diagnose patients they try to get a sense of the patient’s mental health through a variety of tests and discussions. They look at things like genetics to see if they have certain mental illnesses due to their genetic history. Also, when they have diagnosed a patient they go through different steps to help treat the person’s situation. Another major part of the job is testing and finding new ways to help treat mental illnesses. Understanding the way that mental illnesses affect the brain help psychiatrists find new ways to treat the symptoms of mental illness.

Even though I want to be a psychiatrist, it certainly will not happen right out of highschool. Becoming a psychiatrist is hard work. You need to attain a Doctorate degree, go to medical school, and take a written examination for a state license to practice medicine. You might think it stops there but it does not. In fact, you have to take four years of psychiatry residency. During the first year of psychiatry residency you usually spend that time in the hospital working with patients that have a wide variety of mental illnesses. The last three years are spent learning how to diagnose, and how to treat mental illnesses using a wide variety of treatments such as psychotherapy and usage of psychiatric medicine.

Some famous psychiatrists include, Sigmund Freud. SIgmund Freud is now known as the father of psychoanalysis. Sigmund created psychoanalysis, which is the clinical method of treating psychopathology through dialogue from patient to psychoanalyst. He developed therapeutic techniques like the use of free association. There is also Kay Redfield Jamison. Kay is an American clinical psychiatrist and her work mostly centers around bipolar disorder. Interestingly, Kay also has had bipolar disorder since her early adulthood. Kay holds her also holds her post of Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is also an Honorary Professor of English at the University of Saint Andrews. Overall, I would love to pursue my career in Psychiatry. I think the job really does suit my interests. I would really enjoy working in this field of science. Being able to study the mind through actually speaking to someone and understanding the thought processes of someone affected by a mental illness is indubitably amazing.


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