Death of a Salesman American Dream

This play is based on the background of American society after world war 2. It shows willy’s distress, struggle and despair before he committed suicide. This play make the audience think that he is a loser during his whole life. Because he is a failed salesman and a failed father. It can be said that the center of the whole play is willy’s suicide and death. In order to achieve conflict. The author set up a complex contradiction relationship. He high light the three major conflicts before willy’s death.

Willie’s life is a hard work. As an unsuccessful salesman, he traveled to various states and cities in the United States. He never gave up his dream in his heart. ‘A salesman must have a dream.’ When he dragged his 60-year-old body around for a week and found nothing, he had to face the fact that he was about to be fired and lost his pension. His sons were worthless. None of the things he had hoped for had ever really come true. I hope that his son can forget the shadow he created and become a great person. However, a son will only seduce a woman in the bar. A son has never recovered from the blows he suffered when he was young; he hopes to be able to recover from the young boss To get a fixed job, only 40 dollars a week is enough, but the boss almost drove him out of the office.

His desire for dreams and dreams is so strong that people around him have to deceive him, and his son has woven his beautiful past achievements. He was so stubborn again, his old friend was willing to give him a fixed job of 50 dollars a week, but he refused, he could not bear this insult to him, ‘Me and my sons are destined to become The great man…’, maybe just the voice in his heart.

With the progress of the narrative, an important feature is hidden in many conflicts. It is willy’s psychological fluctuations. Recall that the scene of the illusion was merged by the expressionist approach of Miller. The spiritual strangulation of Willie actually stems from the destruction of the American Dream myth, which is the alienation of the American Dream in his heart and a tragedy of the American Dream. It can be said that the kind of American way to prosperity that ‘willing to break through’ can only succeed in Willie. The reality is that Willie can’t survive by virtue of ‘becoming popular, saving frugality, and doing everything’. He is full of trust in himself. He believes that everything will not be the same as long as the environment is changed. This is where Miller’s realism spirit lies and criticizes. When people like Willy who are upright, kind, and frankly rely on hard work to live a happy life cannot adapt to the current American society, what kind of people does this society need? Miller seemed to give us the answer, that is Miller’s brother Ben, the only one who succeeded. It was someone who appeared when Willie had a crisis of faith. What Willy has never known is that they have a different understanding of ‘Ken Chuang’. Such brazen characters seem to be more favored by society. This is also the pain that touches the American nation: a social situation in which optimistic life beliefs and tragic fate are intertwined. From this we peeped, in addition to Willie’s tragedy of character, it is a complex society that really directs the soul of the drama to promote its death.