Celebrate Coming of Age

Let’s break the taboo & celebrate ‘Coming of Age.’ A celebration dedicated to first menstrual. My first menstrual was just like any other day. Sadly, it is not the case for every girl. Many girls across the horizon still think their monthly cycle is a punishment from God or it is considered a sign of impurity. I mean isn’t it quite repulsive that in 2018, many girls are still unaware of our biological factors of a human body. As you continue to read, about 200 million women are on their menstruation.

Shark week, On the rag, Code Red, Ladies business, girl flu are just a few phrases to indicate that a girl is on her period. We tend to use these phrases to avoid the subject of menstruation. Without this none of us would exist, yet it remains one of the most sensitive topics around the globe. I think it is about time to get rid of these human-made taboos and appreciate what nature has granted.

May 2014, I graduated high school & completed my course in CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant). A month later, I decided to visit my family in Bulandshahr, India. My aunt then chose to take me to rural India, to visit her family. I felt quite fortunate because I have been provided with an excellent opportunity to learn from the people residing there. Living the life of spirituality and away from all the chaos seemed quite fascinating to me. Unfortunately, I was profoundly saddened and shocked after witnessing a few parts of society. For instance, women are considered impure while on their monthly cycle. They were provided a completely separate room in the back of the house & are forbidden to come anywhere close to the kitchen or temple. Women in their own home are not feeling comfortable due to the monthly separation from family, friends & daily duties. Within seconds I realized, how essential it is to educate families about menstruation.

Who knew my dreams were about to split apart. Upon returning to the United States, I saw significant financial conflicts in my house, and so I decided to work a full-time job. Hours were unbearable, the body was exhausted, eyes were wet, and hopes began to vanish. Focus began to shift, mind started to wonder, life seemed uncertain, money became priority and dreams became a second choice.

Despite, everything I knew, someday I’ll make my parents proud. After researching various universities and their pre-pharmacy programs, I aspire to attend Jefferson University. My reason for transferring into Thomas Jefferson University is entirely academic. A university that contains vibrant energy, as well as provide multiple opportunities for research, discoveries, and creativity. I made many great friends here in Millersville and studied with some of the best professors. Now that my family is stabilized, I am looking forward to exposing myself to a new city, out of my comfort zone, starting a new journey filled with various cultures and hoping to transform my dream into reality.

By attending Thomas Jefferson University, I hope to enhance & deepen my knowledge in the field of Pharmacy, volunteer and join summer internships. Eventually, I would like to seek an opportunity to educate people about menstruation/menstruation hygiene and hope to eliminate the taboo against menstruation.

Upon acceptance, I would like to give wings to my dreams. We as a society seem to demotivate the subject of menstruation quite a lot, but I believe a day will arrive where all the misconceptions, misbelieves will fade away and coming of age will be celebrated across the globe.

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