Should Birth Control be Free

A recent debate in our community has been whether birth control should be free. Free birth control could significantly improve the quality of life, not only for women who otherwise could not afford it, but for entire communities According to local doctors, birth control is a form of preventative health care that can save lives. Birth control can also reduce unwanted pregnancies. Lastly, birth control could save tax payers billions of dollars a year.

Contraceptives have many health benefits which include, reducing abdominal cramps, minimizing heavy bleeding, and treating ovarian syndromes. There are many women who struggle with abnormal menstrual cycles. For example, some women develop ovarian cysts that cause excessive bleeding. Others suffer from severe cramps and abdominal pain during menstruation. With the help of birth control, a woman’s irregular cycle could become normal and balanced. Therefore, some women choose to take contraceptives to help lessen the painful and uncomfortable symptoms caused by their abnormal menstrual cycles.

Many unplanned pregnancies have led women to perform dangerous and life-threatening procedures. The most common of these procedures is abortion. Some women even try to self-medicate with illegal drugs to get rid of the fetus. Unwanted pregnancies also lead to mothers abandoning their children causing the children to grow up in unhealthy environments. Free contraceptives would help reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies by making it available to women who would otherwise not be able to afford it. help women plan a safe and healthy pregnancy. Ultimately, reducing the number of abortions, deaths by abortions, and the number of children abandoned by mothers who did not want them.

Finally, it is no secret tax payers pay billions of dollars a year for health care such as Medicaid for mothers and children who cannot afford to pay themselves. This covers cost for mothers during and after their pregnancies. Making birth control free would reduce the number of low-income mothers having babies they cannot afford to raise. As a result, tax payers would save money on government taxes made to support those low-income families. After all, this method would help both the government and women.

In conclusion, providing free birth control would have a profound and positive impact on women’s lives. Providing women, the opportunity to treat their abnormal and painful menstruation problems could potentially save their lives. In addition, free birth control would lower the number of abortions and deaths associated with this method of preventative birth. Lastly, providing free birth control would reduce the expense tax payers incur every year in paying for healthcare for low income mothers during and after their pregnancies. All in all, birth control should be provided at no cost, it is in the best interest of our communities and ultimately our future generations.

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