Brilliant Ballroom in Germany

The year is 2016, at a brilliant ballroom in Germany. Within its glorious ballroom there is a huge event being held and there are many guests. Many are gathered here, Scientists, Film makers, Businessmen and women and Doctors. But a few of the guests noticed that one of their colleagues has seemed to have gone missing. The guest that is missing is Johan Fritz, a well known businessman and very wealthy man. Many love him, but some hate him. Witnesses said he went missing around 9:30 pm.

They said the last time he was seen, he was going to the bathroom. Since the bathroom is in the back and down a hallway, no one could seen who went in. After about an hour one of Johan’s colleague’s went into the bathroom to see if he was there, and the bathroom was completely empty. With this he called the police. Within ten minutes the police sent their best detective, a legend, Sherlock Nugz. Nugz is a well known Detective he has solved complex mysteries in hours when other detectives failed after days. He has caught hundreds of criminals. On arrival he he asked Johan’s colleagues who might have taken Johan, they gave three names, Johanna Hindendorf the head chef, Albert Heinz a business competitor and Hanz Schmidt one with a bad history with Johan. Nugz asked why the chef the others were understandable, but the chef? One of the colleagues wanted to compliment the chef on a meal but was told she was out.

He wondered out doing what? Nugz found Albert and Hanz and asked about the whereabouts of Johan, they said they didn’t know he was there, they also never left the ballroom. Nugz went to the kitchen and asked the su chef about the head chef. The su chef said he saw her outside dragging a large sack somewhere. Nugz went out to the back to investigate the back alley. Afew hours passed by and all hope seemed to be lost. Then Nugz found a barely noticeable trail of blood drips leading to an odd shed. Nugz looked inside and found a table with blood on it. He looked around the shed and found a sloshy bag, Nugs pulled out a knife and cut into a bag of fresh human organs. Gaging he closed the bag and ran inside. He called for officers to come immediately he asked for a blood test. When they got to the scene they took a sample of the blood then brought it back to the lab for a quick test, the test’s DNA did match Johans previous blood samples. Johan being a frequent blood donor for charities they could easily obtain a sample of his blood. Nugz walked out of a side room after receiving the information about the blood tests.

The final meal was being served. Nervous, Nugs watched the guests eat. Then out of nowhere he heard a woman scream. He ran over to her and saw an eye in her soup. Then he fetched some police officers and ran into the kitchen, there was the head chef, Johanna Hindendorf. Then she bolted out the back door. Nugz and his officers sprinted after her. He told the officers to taze, not shoot. After running a block or two the one of the officers was in range and shot her in the back with his taser. The officers handcuffed her and held her up. A few patrol cars pulled up and Nugz convicted her of murder and the officers shoved her in the back seat of one of the police cars. Nugz decided to go and enjoy the rest of the ball. At the end of the ball he Went to the bathroom, and when he turned around the su chef hit him in the head with a pan.