Andrew Jackson is Democratic Leader

Jacksonians roared all through the city, “who rules” and they all answered, “the people shall rule”, Jackson led the Democratic Party meaning all congress legislatures, & etc, should listen to the people’s wishes and ideas. Jackson was captured by the Enlisted Revolution War at 13, and by 17 he fixed himself and started his study of law, and finally at 21 he became a lawyer at North Carolina frontier. Jackson later moved west into Tennessee, and got married, his wife’s name was Rachel Donelson, they started farming and became a slave holder. At age 29 he was Tennessee’s first representative in the US house and the next year in the US state, He was also a soldier, and he led the campaign of Tennessee volunteers against the creek Indians. And a year later he commanded in American Forces in the defense of New Orleans against British, and finally in 1828 he became president, and he ran 2 terms 1828 & 1832. Jackson did many things to show how democratic he was and how the legislatures, National bank, congress, and Supreme Court listened to their wishes of their people and how he fought for the people’s benefits.

Jackson gave his people benefits and chances, an example of him giving government positions to his citizens. Is stated in document 6 “a law which limits the appointment to 4 years” meaning that the limit for the police term is 4 years, because “ officers are created for the benefit of people, and no man has any more right to (government jobs) than another.” He created a new way to govern, he fired everyone in the white house, and replaced with rich and poor, and those who were active in the democratic campaigning, he also hated the law that said only white men with a really good size of land can vote, only 10% owned that type of land to vote.

All of Jackson’s people’s, knew that he was democratic,, he made so many democratic changes, according to document 2 it states that in 1828 10 states voted by their people , and only 2 states voted by their legislatures, St.Carolina and Delaware. Later on the next year, all the states except St.Carolina’ and the year before he got elected for president it was always half and half between all the states, that’s crazy how the way of voting was changed so democratically. By letting their own people vote, and this shows how democratic he was because he is giving his people a chance and giving them a choice on who to vote for.

The veto, its a type of consitutional right, that gives the president a right to turn down any of his law body’s decisions in document 4 it talks about how, the rich and powerful bend the acts of government, to their selfishness. Because some banks are held by Jacksons citizens, who are mostly rich. Jacksons general opinion was that the bank enjoy their exclusive privilege and they possership foreign exchange, and that they are untrustworthy and playing unfair, Jackson’s position is very democratic because he is against that the rich have power of most banks. And when Daniel Webster replies to his letter (doc 5) he says that jackson is trying to get the poor people to go against the rich, but Jackson was doing the right thing, by trying to make everything fair and he was using the veto but this shows how he did not “abuse” it or use it in a bad way.

The question asks us “how democratic is Andrew Jackson”, As we can see Jackson was really fair and democratic to all his citizens he believed that everyone in the world had a chance. He didn’t misuse the veto, and wanted to use it for a fair reason He let his citizens “rule” by letting them vote. And he was giving people rich and poor, chances to new life and jobs, and making a benefit for all his people. Also by making so many democratic changes, making his Jacksonians happy, and making his 2 terms positive even though his childhood was rough.

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