Alice was Kind of Skeptical at First when Seeing the Wonderland


Alice is seen to have Schizophrenia. She sees things that aren’t there, she talks with caterpillars and associates with imaginary things, such as floating cats. On top of all of this she seems to grow and shrink her body to different sizes, while convinced that this whole “magical” world that she’s in is real. Alice as well faces violent situations in this “wonderland” , like when the queen of hearts tries to cut off Alice’s head several times. It is safe to say that even though Alice was kind of skeptical at first when seeing the Wonderland, she quickly and easily gave in and believed that it was real. This could be seen as Schizophrenia, seeing as how Alice seems to have lost touch with reality and how she sees and believes things that aren’t really there or possible.


Schizophrenia is a very rare but possible mental disorder that usually starts between 16-30 years old, but it can start in children too. Many traits of Schizophrenia are shown in Alice, with her having full on conversations with animals and imaginary things and convinced that the magical world she lives in and the things that happen in there are all real. The purpose of this case study is to diagnose Alice and see if she could possibly have Schizophrenia.

Present Case:

With previous examinations on Alice already, most of them are convinced she IS Schizophrenic. It is said by one study that, “We notice that no one in the real world can see this world that Alice experiences. And even though Alice is in disbelief at first, she quickly gives in to the notion that Wonderland is real” (charanee.wordpress). This is one of the main points that shows that Alice could have Schizophrenia. As well of all of this, Alice is seen to befriend a floating cat and caterpillar, while talking to them as if its normal. She as well gets scared for her life constantly, with the Queen of Hearts wanting to cut her head off all the time, which is very abnormal. Plus Alice’s body is seen to grow and shrink to different sizes constantly, as if it’s a normal thing. The plan for this case is to examine Alice overall just to make sure Schizophrenia is the real case here.

The main psychological tool I will use to conduct this case study is observation. I will just examine and observe Alice as she does her normal everyday things until I notice something that seems off and points to Schizophrenia. After observing Alice and seeing her talk to things that aren’t there and after she described to me what she sees, which was not what I saw and it wasn’t to visible to anyone but her, I determined that Alice most definitely has Schizophrenia. She shows all signs of this mental disorder, such as irrational beliefs and many more. After trying to figure out how to help Alice, I determined a therapist and medication would help her the most.

Progress made, is that I was able to determine that Alice did have Schizophrenia due to the signs she showed and the ways she acted and her actions. Alice most definitely sees things that aren’t really there and on top of that she communicates with them, as if its normal and their real. She as well sees many concerning things that, like shrinking and growing, that she doesn’t question. Everything that Alice faces in her little “Wonderland” is all parts of her Schizophrenia, since none of it is real or even realistic. Not only all of this but she as well constantly fears for her life due to her thinking that the Queen of Hearts is going to cut her head off. All of these have helped me determine that Alice most defiantly is faced with a case of Schizophrenia.

Firstly to help Alice with her Schizophrenia, I think she most definitely needs to go see a therapist. A therapist will help her and get her to talk about the things she sees to where hopefully after a while she will realize that those things are imaginary. I think a therapist will be good for her and her health. Secondly, I think Alice needs to put on Antipsychotic medications, as those have been proven to treat symptoms of Schizophrenia.

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