Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Why I want to be a Nurse I have an innate desire to care for people. When I see people sick or in pain, I feel heartbroken. I, therefore, decided that I had to choose a career that allows me to care for people and alleviate suffering from people’s lives. I also grew up observing some of my relatives become nurses, and I could not help but notice the satisfaction they would have after saving a life. I wanted a career that could bring me similar fulfillment. More specifically, my interest and commitment to nursing grew stronger when my father was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL).

The disease caused him a range of symptoms from muscle weakness and cramps, resulting in difficulties in doing simple tasks like walking and swallowing food. I became his care provider, ensuring he took his medications correctly, helping with physical therapies like walking him around as well as providing him company and support. Sadly, he succumbed to the disease two years later. It was painful to see my father suffer; however, I realized that nurses’ role entails more than treating the sick. Caregivers have to ensure their patients receive holistic care, including spiritual, emotional, and psychological support. For instance, I realized that when I prayed with my father, he felt more relaxed and optimistic for the future.

Seeing myself impact comfort and positivity during my father’s ailment brought me so much fulfillment. I knew I wanted to continue helping patients, especially those with chronic illnesses that need close attention and support. From my research, I realized that 60% of deaths are due to chronic diseases. Worse still, the nurse workforce is yet to meet the demand of a growing patient population. Following the discovery, I believe pursuing a nursing degree in [name of institution] will instill fundamental knowledge and skills to contribute positively to the nursing world. I am particularly interested in specializing in chronic care as I feel the field requires more expertise to combat morbidity and mortality from chronic ailments. Enrolling for the nursing program will position me with the necessary expertise to make a difference in the nursing world.

Moreover, I believe I have the aptitude of what it takes to pursue a nursing program in [name of institution] to become a remarkable nurse in the future. I am hardworking, as proved by my academic track record. I intend to continue the trend of high performance in the program to progress the institution’s reputation for academic excellence. Nursing is a challenging course; the nursing practice is, even more, trying owing to its dynamic nature. However, I thrill in the excitement of a challenge as it makes more creative and motivates me to exploit my potential. My experience caring for an ASL patient also equips me with some practical knowledge that I will use to evoke meaningful engagements in the classroom.

Again, I believe in my ability to communicate and relate to diverse people essential for care provision. Enrolling in a metropolitan institution like [name of institution] will help me enhance these skills impacting valuable competencies to provide quality care to diverse patient populations. Lastly, I believe every individual deserves quality care from the best experts available. Acquiring a nursing degree will impact valuable skillsets and competencies to bring in fresh talent and innovative ideas to enhance patient care. Enrolling for a nursing degree program in [name of institution] is the opportunity I need to acquire the expertise to bring positive change in society. I will be highly honored for your consideration as it will make my dreams a reality. .