Why Does Daisy Choose to Stay with Tom

There’s always a reason for someone to cheat, for Tom there must have been a wonderful reason for why he cheated of Daisy with Myrtle who was younger then both Tom. Daisy Buchanan was a real beauty, many men, even the Great Gatsby wanted her. She even gave Tom a child. Tom had it all money, power, and daisy a beautiful young woman. Tom did not love her as much as she thought he did, because he did cheat the big question is why didn’t she do with Gatsby he has true love for her and she still stayed with Tom.

Daisy did love the money Tom had but gatsby also had money, for Tom to cheat he must have been miserable, because at dinner he answered the call from his mistress and daisy did know about myrtle but did nothing about it. So why do nothing about it, daisy and tom had a family them and their kid. Tom for security, he was ridiculously rich and she wanted a lifestyle of comfort. Now daisy clearly loved Tom and had a lot of great memories from the beginning of their marriage- but after his affair he stopped showing up, he wasn’t even there when their daughter was born he was nowhere to be found. But Tom Buchanan had everything any young man living in the roaring twenties could have ever wanted. He graduated from a Yale where he was a star of a football team. His family had always had a lot of money and by the time he moved to East Egg he was so wealthy that Nick found it hard to believe that someone so young can have this much money. For someone to stay happy during a relationship doesn’t always need to involve money, daisy has been with him long enough to realize that the money he has should not be the thing keeping her happy.

A part of the reason, at least, is because they share a child together. There was at this time, even in Tom and Daisy’s social set, a strong prejudice against divorced couples; especially couples with children. Daisy, especially, would have risked serious social scorn. Even though Tom kept a mistress, if he were discreet enough the prevailing idea among their friends would be that they should avoid divorce at all costs.

Even though Gatsby had a lot of money he didn’t get it the legal way cause at the time it was illegal to make or sell liquor, and that’s what he did Gatsby sold it at a drugstore. He was a miserable man, he had everything he could have ever wanted the only thing he did not have was the girl that he had dreamed about he had parties upon parties and more than half of the people that had showed up he had never met.