What People Were Going Through During the Holocaust

The Holocaust was a genocide caused by Nazi Germany and the result is the murder of 6 million Jjews. This event destroyed the Jjewish population, two thirds of the Jjewish population in Eeurope was killed. We will be looking at the stories of three people that were affected by the Hholocaust.

Leon Kusmirek was born into a Jjewish family on January 8th, 1926 in Poland. On this 1st of September, 1933 Lleon’s mother had seen Ggerman planes fly over the city, on sunday the planes flew over again. After that the family fled to a nearby town but they soon returned. When they came back they heard gunshots and the Ggermans had arrived inat theirre home town of Zgierz. When Lleon was 14 he was moved to a ghetto in Lodz with his family. His father was able to get him a job at the ghetto hospital as a courier which gave him two bowls of soup and that was super helpful. At age 18 Lleon was deported to a labor camp, and then several other camps. He escaped from a transport to Ggermany and survived the war.

Heinrich Baehr was a Jjewish merchant who lived in Ggermany and ran a dry good business with his wife, Yennj. They have two children, Kurt and Ida, Kurt wenthen to Aamerica after world war 1 and Ida married her husband in Ggermany. In 1933-1940 Heinrich and his wife have been thinking about going to Aamerica because the Nnazis have come to power, but their daughter doesn’t want to leave because of her husband and no one will sponsor them. 1940- 1942 the Baehr family and their granddaughter Freya has been deported to their first detention camp, Gurs. its winter and all they have is straw beds to sleep on, six year old Freya came down with an extremely high fever and severe earache and almost died. Now their second detention camp, Rivesaltes Freya has an opportunity to get out of the camp safely through and aid society, they all say their goodbyes to Freya. After Freya left a few days later Heinrich,Yennj and Ida were deported to Auschwitz, where they passed away , Freya had survived the war

Gertrud born Gertrud Herz was born in Berlin with three siblings. In her early twenties she married Richard Teppich and they had two daughters. 1933-1939 Richard died in 1931 and Gertrud lived in there apartment after his death. Five year after the nazis came to power Gertrud oldest daughter llse fled to amsterdam and her other daughter went to Switzerland, leaving her all alone in Berlin. 1940-42 the nazis forced all german Jews to sell all of their belongings to aryans but her sister in law was aryan so she sold it to her and got it all back. In November 1942 Gertrud was told that she was being deported. Gertrud committed suicide instead of being deported shortly after she was told.

The victims of the Nazi regime had been treated very inhumanly. All of these people either died or escaped and have to life with these horrors of the Holocaust. Hitler leaded this genocide and it has been one the most influential events in world history. We have learned a lot from the Holocaust and World War ll and now we can prevent something like this from ever happening again, hopefully.