What Motivates Beowulf

Beowulf is a guy with pride and what’s good over evil. He fights evil to protect the good. He fights evil for people’s freedom. “ So Hrothgar’s men lived happy in his Hall. Till the monster stirred, hat demon”(15) . Grendel is a monster that hated happiness and destroyed anything that he wanted. Beowulf went to help the people because he prefers good over evil and he is known around the world go fighting evil. They did not believe all the stories from him but the leader told him what happened and Beowulf decided to help them out.

Beowulf went to look for Grendel to give Hrothgar’s people freedom from evil. Beowulf was searching for Grendel and found his home.Once he found where he was at he tried to kill him with his sword. “A path for his evil soul, but their points could not hurt him, the sharpest iron Could not scratch at his skin”(359) Grendel’s skin was too tough to be cut by a sword. Beowulf broke Grendel’s arm snapped his arm off. Beowulf took his arm and hangs Grendel’s arm to remember that day.

Grendel’s mother went to Hrothgar’s Hall to take Grendel’s arm that they have hanged up. Beowulf followed Grendel’s mother. He went through the lake and dived down to follow 15. Grendel’s mother. “ For hours he sank through the waves; at last he saw the mud at the bottom”(423). Beowulf was very brave and didn’t ask anybody to follow Grendel’s mother. Beowulf decided to follow to finish evil and make the people be in peace. Grendel’s mother was attacking Beowulf but her attacks did not harm him.

Beowulf attacks Grendel’s mother with his sword after in intense fight. Beowulf sword did not 20. harm her because no sword will ever cut through her evil. Beowulf was determined to fight evil so he did not give up. He wanted to make Hrothgar’s people be in peace. Grendel’s mother was very angry, she wanted to avenge her son. Beowulf found a sword that he believed would be able to kill Grendel’s mother. “ Then he saw, hanging on the wall, a heavy sword, hammered by giants, strong and blessed with there magic”(485) the sword was so massive that no ordinary 25. human would be able to use it against Grendel’s mother.

Beowulf was ready with his heart angry for Grendel’s attacks to people. He was wanting to finish evil for good. Beowulf found Grendel’s body exactly how he left him. Beowulf is not afraid of no evil. Beowulf looked for Grendel’s mother and killed everything that got in his way. Beowulf had a battle with a dragon just to finish her and he defeated that dragon. “ The beast had 30. slept in huge stone tower, with a hidden path beneath”(591). Beowulf did not fear evil and he only choose worries to be with him that where fearless.

Beowulf killed Grendel’s mother with the sword he found. He brought Grendel’s head and her mother head to Hrothgar so that they can see he killed evil. Beowulf is very known around the world, they heard stories of Beowulf the man that defeats evil. Beowulf did not kill evil for money he just wanted to defeat evil and he was pleased.