What Makes you Unique

You are the chief executive officer your life. I am black, I am bold, I am beautiful. Black the pigment of my smooth skin that the society we live in categorizes me as. Bold, not only is it an adjective it is depicted as being courageous but am I? Beautiful, what is to be beautiful in this generation? Is it based on looks or the simple clothes I wear? It is hard to feel good about yourself when there is society constantly comparing beauty to forms of magazines, television ads, and variation of social media platforms.

Most people judge me just by my appearance when they see me, but they do not know me. Society does not know the pride that runs throughout my veins. What is pride? What is the quality state of having pride? According to Dictionary.com “Pride is the feeling or satisfaction experience to something.” My pride comes from being grateful to be able to live a healthy and blessed 17 years on Earth. They say I am just an African American but that’s not all. Admittedly, I am the finished product of two highly educated African Americans born and raised in southeast Texas. My unique skin complexion helps me differ from the rest and I love that about myself. Bold because not only am I courageous I tend to add distinctively fashionable to my list of being unique from the stylish clothes I wear. The world of fashion is reserved for the most visionary and reserved people leaning. There is no room for the mediocre and that is the life I soon wish to pursue. Leading because of the faith I walk in and follow. Lastly prominent, prominent because I stand out, prominent because I am above average.

Although, I think differently from most people. I don’t fit in with stereotypes quite well. I am usually the odd one out the group, the unique one if I must say. I have a good self-esteem, amazing aspects of the life around me and great confidence. Throughout this life I lived, I struggled to gain opportunities and huge leadership roles in organizations that I enjoy being in simply because of my skin tone. I learned to not hold a grudge against others using discrimination against me and to move forward. I love being different, I am rather very pleased to be me. When you are completely able to accept yourself and your differentially it will all become clear for others to accept you as well. Whereas, We will all be asked what makes us different from the rest of the world? You are truly not one of a kind until you find that special aspect. There are millions of people trying to discover themselves as well. I learned to accept who I am when others do not, be comfortable in my skin, trust my inner voice and to become the innovator of my reality and mentality.

Ergo, “Life is not about creating yourself. It’s about having an identity and making yourself beautiful by living in your skin.” states Oprah Winfrey. Conclusively beautiful, I am beautiful because of my skin and intelligence. Simply because I am black, bold and beautiful.

Share your light and be glorified in the skin you are in because it makes you different, it makes you unique it makes me, Kira.

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