Victims of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a common event that keeps reoccuring because lack of help from society. People see the abuse from time to time ,but yet still dont speak up nor do they try to help in any other way.Children of various ages go through either physical or mental abuse.Child abuse is a problem because it can cause trauma, ptsd, and depression. To fix this issue i would suggest these kids go to a youth center.

Children that have suffered from mental and physical abuse often lead a life with the long term effects such as trauma, ptsd, depression, and a similar abusers mentality that they have encountered growing up. “any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker, which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation”(child abuse #1). This shows how people can suffer from the abuse they’ve received. It’s stating that if no one tries to help the damage for these kids will get worse mentally ,or even fatal. “Child abuse is strongly associated with problems in adulthood, including psychological issues and criminal behavior. The Children’s Bureau reports that victims of child abuse and neglect are significantly more likely to commit crimes, engage in risky sexual behavior, and abuse their own children”(child abuse #3).

Children who’ve been abused become abusers themselves because they want others to feel what they’ve gone through. Not only that these actions are the only actions they know ,so they’ll show this behavior and think it’s perfectly fine. It’s saying that if people stand idling by and do nothing the cycle is going to continue. “Some may not want to become involved in what they consider a private family matter”(child abuse #2). Since people believe its a private family matter they are scared to get involved with the situation. If we as people do what we think is right ,and try to help these kids we will begin to stop the endless chain of abuse for all children. Therefor i have one solution that’ll help cease the problem.

Report the issue to local the authorities or CPS anonymously without the fear of backlash to them or the child. “Federal law dictates the funding and delivery of state-run child welfare services, which are the point of contact for reports of child abuse”(child abuse #2). These state runned youth homes for these victims will get these kids an opportunity to get away from the abuse and report it. Contacting these hotlines or even CPS can be the beginning stages of getting these kids a safe new environment ,and start an investigation to make sure abuse doesn’t continue. “The initial action taken typically involves visiting the family to investigate the claim of abuse. If investigators find signs of abuse, they are authorized to bring the child for a medical examination and will assign the family a caseworker to review and monitor the situation”(child abuse #2).

Getting people who has experience with dealing in situations like this will increase the child’s safety. If there is abuse a chain of events will take place to help solve the problem ,and make sure these things wouldn’t happen again. “If the abuse is particularly severe, the parent or guardian charged with abuse may end up in prison and lose custody of the child”(child abuse #2). Parents or guardian that are responsible for the abuse or neglect will be held responsible for their actions. Calling CPS and getting them involved can get the kids help in the least dangerous way to assure the safety of the children. Although, i may not agree with the abuse of children i would like to know what others think.

Its no ones else’s concern what a parent or guardian does with their child because the child isn’t their responsibility.“people in the same society who hold different moral or religious convictions may disagree about what type of behavior toward a child amounts to abuse”(child abuse #3). People are always encouraged to follow their beliefs and have the right to exercise their religions.People grow up in different religions and beliefs than others ,and in certain customs they way they treat their children will be deemed acceptable. “Neglect is a form of abuse that can be difficult to identify, as it is not a specific action, but the failure to provide the child with adequate supervision and care. Visible symptoms of neglect can include malnutrition, poor hygiene, and ill-fitting and poorly kept clothing”(child abuse #3). Yes, i agree with you on that neglecting is a form of abuse ,but it’s not neglect or abuse if we care for the child but not in a way you deemed suitable. I agree with my counterpart when talking about religion and how its different at times raising their children, but here is why i’m right… religion, and custom beliefs isn’t and shouldn’t be an excuse to neglect or even abuse a child. In conclusion, i strongly encourage everyone come together so we can all put an end to abuse ,so we can stop the cycle of neglect and abuse whether it’s mental or physical.

Children dealing with abuse tend to have mental or physical effects that stays with them whether it’s trauma, ptsd or even depression. By coming together we as society will put an end to the abuse of children well off to when they become an adult. So please, will y’all join me and put an end to this cycle.

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