Tragedy Helped Frida Kahlo to Create

Although it is fair to consider Frida Kahlo, both in terms of her personal life and her art, as a mystery, there is something about how her work and her life were seamlessly integrated. Especially from the viewpoint of the work selfie art, her self-portrayed pieces were so relevant with the reality around her life. Her life, particularly her suffering and pain, are an essential contributing factor to the overall context of her indulgence in art. Frida melts the attributes of spiritual, emotional, as well as cultural perspectives of life into one. Her life, as the biographic film exhibits, is characterized by a lot of challenging moments but the aspect of what it takes to be a strong woman is never lost all through. Having chosen to use herself in the selfie art made her face an integral and familiar part of her art. Essentially, the fame behind both her story as well as her personality is founded upon the familiarity of her looks.

The work of Kahlo strongly resonated with her life, or at least how she perceived liberated life to be. From the biography, one can trace the personal attributes of her life in her work; rebellious social behavior, a tense and stormy marriage, vivid clothing, among others. It is not surprising that from the familiarity of her looks as perfectly portrayed in her works, Kahlo became a relatable figure in terms of both glamour and charm. The most interesting attribute, however, is the fact that she managed to elude such incredible amounts of positivity despite the fact that she was using experiences and inspiration from her notable emotional and physical pain. As the biographic film shows, Kahlo suffered a tragic accident while she was a teenager. As a result of the physical pain she experienced, she indulged in thoughts about it and emotional pain followed through. Like a chain reaction, she found her life in a turbulent phase which is arguably what resulted in her rocky relationship and marriage to Diego Rivera.

Pain and suffering stand out as the fundamental reasons for her appealing art since it clearly identifies with her torments. Arguably, one of the main reasons why Kahlo’s work and personal life are of renowned global status is major because of her orientation towards sharing the pain in the pursuit of providing a new redefinition of both hope and dignity in life. With Kahlo’s physical and emotional pain being so perfectly channeled in her works, she stands out one of the most successful artists from the viewpoint of expressing personal emotions and sentiments through painting. However, it is imperative to note the danger in trying to use her works as a basis of using turbulent times and experiences in life to establish a basis for one’s purpose in life. The way she approaches her works suggests that while interpreting its intended meaning, both in terms of subject matter and content, it is important to understand that she was totally and directly motivated by her life events. Frida Kahlo drew so much of her tragic personal life and suffering that someone can easily feel her pain from looking and reflecting at her works.