Things you Might not Know about Adolf Hitler

Have you ever wondered about Hitler? Hitler was a general of the German army and the Nazis. The Nazis were the National Socialist party. They were the ones who hated the Jews. Hitler hated the Jews for religious reasons and many more reasons. He was a big part of the Axis and he was the reason the war started. Read this essay and you will know all about that. I will explain his early life, his effort in the war, the reason he hated the Jews and his death. Hitler made some very bad decisions in life. Interestingly, Adolf Hitler was born on Easter Sunday. Hitler did not reflect any of Easter´s good qualities. The exact day he was born was April 20, 1889. He spent most of childhood in Linz. His parents were Alois and Klara Hitler. Alois was very harsh and Klara was a caring mother. He only had one brother for right now was his older brother Alois Jr. Alois Jr. ran away from his home when he was 14 because of father abusing him physically and verbally. (Lukacs) Hitler had a normal childhood. He went to school and had some friends. He did have fun in his childhood. Hitler did well in the monastery school and also took part in the boys’ choir. Hitler also wanted to study to be a priest. Hitler had many siblings.

One of them was a boy Edmund, a girl Paula, and as I said before, his brother Alois Jr. (The History Place – Rise of Hitler: Hitler’s Boyhood) A little bit later Hitler and his family moved to Lambach, Austria. Hitler´s family moved many times in his childhood. Every single one of those moves were from All of the moves that Hitler’s family makes is because of Adolf’s father being restless in retirement. Moving to Lambach meant the end of many chores such as farm chores for Adolf. In Lambach there was an old monastery school which Adolf would attend in the future. At the monastery school, Adolf did exceptionally well compared to what he did back in Linz. While Hitler was still a young boy he became very interested in becoming a priest. And for a couple of years, he seriously considered becoming a priest himself. So while Hitler was becoming interested in priesthood he was still doing very well as a schoolboy, he was a part of a choir. Other people have said that he had a very fine singing voice in this choir. Being in the choir really contributed to Adolf being interested in becoming a priest. He extremely admired certain priests that had power in the church and the way they used their power. Hitler showed his interest at home by “playing priest” and sometimes doing long sermons. (The History Place) When he was nine, he got into some serious trouble. He was caught smoking a cigarette by one of the priests, but he was forgiven and he was not punished.

One of the games he liked to play at that time was Cowboys and Indians. He loved this game because it came from the tales of the American West, which he loved. He also loved books by James Fenimore and Karl May, and he and his friends reenacted. Hitler described himself in his early school days as a little ring leader who liked to hang out with “husky” boys. (The History Place – Rise of Hitler: Hitler’s Boyhood) A couple years later Hitler’s personality was changed very much, because his brother Edmund died from measles at the age of 6. After that, Hitler became depressed. He loved his brother very much. Hitler could see his brother’s grave every day out of his window, since his house was right next to the cemetery where he was buried. The second part of his depression was some problems with his father. Since Hitler was a little older and out of his younger school years, he had to choose between classical or technical school.

Hitler had a sudden interest in being an artist, so he wanted to go to a classical school. His father wanted Hitler to go to technical school so Hitler follows in his father’ footsteps. Alois was a civil servant, which Hitler did not want to be, but his father still sent him to technical school in the city. Hitler’s depression got worse when he was sent to the technical school. He was not happy in the school at all. He and his family moved back to Linz, where the school was. Hitler did not do good at all in his first year, and he was held back for it. Hitler had always loved power, and he had a lot of it the year when he was held back, because he was the oldest in the class. That is when he started to like the technical school. (The History Place) Hitler went to jail for nine months for high treason in 1924. During that time he wrote what is possibly the most dangerous book in the world called ¨Mein Kampf¨ or ¨My Struggle”. It was his only complete book and became the “Bible” for the Nazis. A shortened version of the book came in 1930. By 1939 it had sold 5,200,000 copies of the book and had been translated into 11 different languages. It tells the story about Hitler’s youth, World War 1, and the betrayal of Germany’s collapse in 1918. It also expresses Hitler’s racist ideas about other people.

Many people read the book, and it was very popular even though it was a dangerous book. (Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia) Hitler was very involved in World War 1. World War 1 started when the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was shot by a young Serbian terrorist on June 28, 1914. The first time Hitler was in the war, he had volunteered at age 25. He enlisted in a Bavarian Regiment. After the regiment´s first battle against the British and Belgians near Ypres, a town in Belgian, 2,500 of the 3,000 men in the Hitler’s regiment were killed, wounded or missing. He temporarily lost his sight during the battle by a British gas attack and he was shot in the leg and severely injured. Throughout most of the war, Hitler had great luck avoiding life-threatening injury. Many times he moved away from a spot where, moments later, a shell would explode, killing or wounding everyone. (The History Place – Rise of Hitler: Hitler in World War I) Hitler was awarded the Iron Cross First Class medal, because of his service in the war. The honor was especially important to Hitler, who had portrayed himself as a hero during the conflict. (Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia.

“9 Things You Might Not Know About Adolf Hitler”) Hitler hated the Jews for many reasons. Some of those reasons were religious conflict, biological differences, Jewish economic power, and conspiracy theories. There were many religious conflicts between Christianity and Judaism for many years. At the time when World War 1 broke out, a majority of financial institutions, banks, and large companies were controlled by Jewish people. Hitler blamed the loss of the war, the economic downfall of Germany and the bad decisions of the Weimar Republic on Jewish capitalism. Hitler also believed that the Jewish had some conspiracy to control the world and that they would stab Germans in the back whenever it would suit them. Hitler and many Nazis believed in the superiority of the Aryan (German) race and that Jews were inferior to such an extent that they were almost non-human in his eyes. He felt that he would be doing the world a favor by wiping out the Jewish race. (“Why Did Hitler Hate Jews?” History) Hitler was the general of the German army and the Nazis. The war started because of him. As I had said in the last paragraph, there were many reasons that Hitler did not like the Jews. That was the reason for the war. He was part of the Axis Powers. The major Axis Powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan. Like I said Hitler is the general of the German army. The general of the Italian army was Victor Emmanuel III.

The general of the Japanese army was Isoroku Yamamoto. Some of the places Hitler invaded: Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, and Denmark. The way Hitler died was a very interesting way. Most people know that Hitler commited suicide, but a lot of people don´t know the exact way he died. At 3:30 p.m on April 30, Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, went into his private room. A couple of minutes later some of Hitler soldiers entered Hitler’s private rooms. They found the his body sprawled on the sofa, dripping with blood from a gunshot to his right temple. His wife had died from swallowing poison. 6 years after his death some people believe still he was still alive.

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