“The Most Dangerous Game” Is a Very Climatic and Captivating Book

In my opinion the book “The Most Dangerous Game” is a very climatic and captivating book. The story begins on a yacht bound for Rio de Janeiro the character by the name of Whitney points out an island in the distance it is an island called Ship-Trap island all sailors dread it and do everything they can to avoid it. Both characters are big game hunters and they start conversing about big game and prey and predators. Whitney goes to bed and Rainsford stays up well smoking his pipe he hears gunshots and he goes to the edge of the boat to see where it is coming from. He drops his pipe over the edge of the boat in a attempt to catch he loses his balance and falls overboard his screams for help are not heard and the boat slowly disappears into the night.

Rainsford is disoriented and lost. Not knowing what else to do he starts swimming towards the gunshots. He hears the sound of a animal screeching in terror and agony but soon later he hears a the shot of a pistol. Once he reaches the shore he pulls himself up with the little amount of strength he has and lays on a rock where he immediately falls asleep from the exhaustion. When he awakes he is laying on the shore he gets up and looks around he figures that if he continues on the shore that it won’t get him anywhere and goes into the jungle looking for food he soon comes to a torn-up patch of vegetation with blood everywhere. It was obvious that a large animal had been thrashing around there. He finds a empty rifle bullet cartridge nearby. There are still footprints left from the hunter he follows the footsteps further into the jungle he soon reaches a chateau. Rainsford goes to the door to ask for help Ivan answers the door with a gun in hand he refuses to help Rainsford until General Zaroff comes to the door and invites him in. Zaroff is very welcoming he shows him where he can get changed for dinner after they eat dinner Zaroff takes Rainsford to a trophy room. Zaroff has many trophies for big game hunting from his many adventures around the world.

Zaroff starts to hint at a new animal to hunt. In confusion Rainsford turns around to find out that Zaroff now hunts humans instead of animals. He invites Rainsford to go hunting with him he politely declined his offer and tries to go to bed but he can not sleep at the thought of Zaroff hunting humans. A pistol shot wakes him up early in the morning. They sit down to have lunch and Zaroff is no longer satisfied with hunting humans.Rainsfords demands that he gets let off the island by a boat and Zaroff denied his request and offered a trade and said if you become my pray and survive the next 3 days of me hunting you i will let you off the island. Rainsford agrees finally and the hunt begins that night. The first night wasn’t too hard for Rainsford his only problem was he ran into quicksand. On the next morning Zaroff brought out his dogs to help him hunt the dogs find Rainsford on the third day and conner him at the cliff of the island Zaroff was shocked by this and he calls off the dogs. Before Zaroff can shot him Rainsford knock the gun out of his hand and Zaroff proposes a one on one fight. He makes the statement “one of us will be eaten by the dogs and the other will sleep comfortably in bed tonight they fight and zaroff loses the dogs then eat him as Rainsford lays comfortably in bed that night and falls asleep and realizes he no longer wants to hunt animals but now wants to hunt humans.