The Impossibility of Living on Minimum Wage

The cost of living is so high, especially in major cities such as New York, it is nearly unbearable to raise a family that’s earning minimum wage. A single-family have to make ends meet to survive on a minimum wage job. The living expense is just too outrageous to do it alone. The salary of minimum wage workers are dynamic to their families. In most households, the regular minimum wage worker brings home minimal of his or her family’s income. Employees who would benefit from an increase in minimum wages are full time employees that work thirty-five or more hours. For families to survive today, the minimum wage needs to be increased as accord to governor Cuomo.

The cost of education is not cheap. However, it is very important to receive an college degree in today’s world. With an education, people can get a better job or career to better themselves. Due to impoverish families, many students must pay for a college degree by themselves. Majority of students undergo college or postpone college due to the hefty student loan debt. Since these young adults are our future it is necessary for them to go to college. If the minimum wage was increased, numerous people would be able to continue their education. As we get older the society will be changing and people going to need a college degree to get a better job. Technology is being improved, more progressive and employees needs to be up to date with new technology. Some employees are lucky to work for companies that are willing to pay for their worker to go to college. This is not the case for most so for a person to go to college they need have more than a minimum paying job to pay for their education.

Raising the minimum wage rate would raise the wages of many workers and increase benefits while reducing government funding. The increase will specifically help those working households at the bottom. This help would remove a lot of government funding to these families. Welfare will not be gone, the amount of help families will require will be reduced, saving the government funding. Families will now be able to have enough money for more things and assistance their family.

The minimum wage needs to be improved for individuals to live nowadays. All expenses from schooling, food, and medication have increased. As welfare reform services the poorest families to rely on their salaries from low paying jobs, I believe an increased in minimum wage will influence to reducing poverty. An increase would also inspire people to go get jobs and not rely on public assistant. Individuals would feel that they are getting reasonable pay rate for their job. I know people that are receiving more money from public assistant than a person that’s making minimum wage. Why would a person get a job making minimum wages when they can get public assistance, Medicaid, food stamps, and cash assistance for not working?