The Giver (briefly)

The Giver starts off with Jonas who lives in a special community. Feeling apprehensive, he was afraid of the twelfth ceremony. Jonas was only eleven at the time, every night during dinner, Jonas’s family holds a traditional ceremony of Sharing Feelings. His little sister Lilly went first, she was was angry about a boy visiting with a group, she said he was not following the rules and was like an animal, her parents helped her understand how the kid must have felt being the odd one out, Lilly started to feel bad for the boy.

Jonas’s Father who is a Nurturer went next talking about an unwell baby named Gabriel, he thinks they might release him. They can’t adopt him because one family could only have one boy and one girl. Jonas then goes next revealing his apprehension, his parents helped relieve him assuring him the Elders will assign him an appropriate role.

Days later the ceremony begins where Jonas will become a twelve as Lilly will become a seven. Jonas starts to become nervous waiting for his name to be called, his friend Asher was called, He was given the role ‘Pilot’. Fiona gets called next assigned the role ‘Caretaker of The Old’, Jonas was skipped wondering why. Then he was called last, Jonas was skipped because he was to be given an important role the ‘Receiver’.

Jonas soon began his training with an old man who calls himself ‘The Giver’. He was called The Giver because with a touch he can share memories. And The Receiver receives those memories. During his training, he was shown things he had never seen before. He saw how releasing looked like and was against it because releasing was actually killing.

The next day He tried to share his training with his friend Fiona but failed, she didn’t believe anything he told about his training. Though he was telling the truth. He was soon caught trying to share his training with others and was scolded.

Jonas didn’t like how the community worked, how the community releases people and how the community didn’t tell everyone the truth about colors and that there was more beyond the community. The Giver made a plan for Jonas to escape the Community and reveal the truth about the Community.

Days later Gabriel was sent to be released Jonas than was against it, he planned on escaping with Gabriel that night. That night the plan began, Jonas snuck into Nurturing center trying to get Gabriel. During the process, Jonas was caught with Gabriel. Jonas ran for his life, stealing a bike with Gabriel riding away. Jonas rode off the cliff out of the Community. Fortunately, he and Gabriel survived from the fall. Though the bike was a mess Jonas kept going getting colder and weaker in the snow.

Jonas spotted a sled he saw in one of the memories The Giver had shown him, he used it to slide down the snowy hill. Jonas was getting a lot weaker, he forced his eyes to stay open and kept going. Suddenly he noticed voices and music, Jonas then began walking to the sound or maybe he was hallucinating as he freezes to death.

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