The Education was not Given to the Slaves

Her story is very determine we get to know about Linda Brent’s life. She did not have a easy life from the start. After Margaret Horniblow passed away who was her first slave owner. She was passed down Dr. Flint, he was the bad guy in her story because he abused his power. She has two children with a white man named Mr. Sands. Brent escaped from Dr. Flint. In this paper, I will form an argument on how the Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl provides the evidence of both cultures that shows the social construction of gender shaped work space, family, the education and religion.

The education was not given to the slaves. Owners saw the education to slaves as a threat, they believed if they knew literacy they would have more knowledge and perhaps that knowledge would help them be free sooner. The education was exclusive to slaves for both sex. To be owned by the small amount of slave owners that sympathized was very rare. Linda had a sympathetic master because she knew literacy, her first owner taught her that. If a slave knew about the literature it was a accomplishment. The slave owners who were religious would give religious lectures on how the slaves should behave towards their masters or mistress. In the brighter view of the spectrum, the white males and females received a adequate education.

Christianity was the religion followed by mostly everyone. White people would go to church and preach even though they had slaves, they chose not to process it and not accept the fact that they were wrong. Black people even though they did not like their slave owners, they prayed for them to change their ways of thinking, the religion was their support they need it.

The family was very important to both. A black person puzzle was to keep their family intact. White slave owners were cruel because they did not feel compassion for the children who were abducted from their mothers. Her grandmother, Aunty Marty was separated from her kids, Benjamin and Philip. Aunty Marty became her own mistress, she bought her son Philip. The family structure of a slave is how we could imagine it, males were in charge, as part of their job they had to provide to his owner. Linda remained hiding in a space above the shed for seven years in order for her kids and her be free. The sacrifice she did was only what a mother would do for her family. Families would get separated no matter your gender, female and male slaves were treated the same in that aspect. A white person had it easy, they did not know what it was like to be a slave. In a white people were united as a family, the only reason a white person was separated from their family was due to the conflicts and the different opinions that they shared.

Everybody would like to have a job in order to have money on his or her wallet and provide the bread for your family. If you were a female and male slave, getting a job was not easy, typically slaves had a challenging job such as working in the fields. The female slaves did everything at home and cared for husband and their children. In the autobiography states, how a female would cook for the master and if the master was not satisfied with food they were given, the master would abused the female slave violently. Slave owners would have sexual desires for their slaves. Slaves had to obey what their master told them to do if there was some type of resists they were punished. Having to be owned by someone was not easy, male slaves would get into arguments with their master and the arguments would escalate really quickly when that happened they were punished, their punishment was not providing food for them and it included a physical punishment. White people were not put through all of this, they did not have hard jobs because they would monitor slaves and owned them.

The autobiography was written during 1861. Her story was the beginning of a good change. Her story is mind-blowing, she had to face a difficult obstacle in order to be free, many people should read her story to learn about history. Throughout this we saw males and female slaves were not very different. Both sex did not received an education but males had more of an advantage. Slaves would learn something only if their master or mistress taught them something. Both white and blacks had the same religion. However, whites would not really reflect on their action and blacks reflected for their masters or mistress. The family role was different for both sex because females had to be provide love and leave the house squeaky clean in the other hand males had to provide income. Same goes with getting a job, the women would not work and stayed home and the males would work in the fields. White people’s life was not as challenging. Both sex had the opportunity to have a decent education. Women did not have as a respectful job as man did. Family roles were similar to slave women roles, they had to provide care. Males were the alfa. One thing that is very true is that men are viewed muscular action figures and women as gentle dolls. We all can agree that males cause more damage but still get away with it but if a woman does something similar she gets pointed out since way back but as it right now things are the same. We can not say that things are equal on both sex perhaps with time. However, this is her story we can not rely on her insight. Her story is very traumatic but was not the exception, if we dig more into more story her story would be similar to the rest of them.

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