The Differences of Living in Poverty and being Rich

In this society, there are different economic statuses. Everyone gets their statuses based on what their career is and how they spend their expenses. No one can be rich from the start, but they can start from the bottom and build their way up. Being rich and being in poverty have their similarities and differences; however, their lives are very divergent depending on how they spend their money, how they handle opportunities and if they think life is fair to them or not.

The usage of money can tell a person’s way of managing their expenses. Most people use money to survive, while others use it as an excuse to splurge on unnecessary things. There is no one in the world who doesn’t appreciate having money; however, some people appreciate it more than others. Living in poverty makes people want to spend wisely and take more responsibilities on what they use. They don’t waste anything, especially on expensive items. Whenever they need to buy something, expensive they have to think twice before buying it. However, rich people use money like money grows from trees. People who are rich don’t care what they use their money on. They buy things and throws it out after something becomes trendy. For example, rich women buy expensive purses and when a brand new one comes out, they throw the old ones away. Sometimes they use their money as a way for them to bribe their way out of things or even into things. Whenever they want something that they don’t want to work for, they bring out money as an excuse to make them seem like they deserve it. When it comes to work, the more money they have, the more people would want to work with them. For someone who doesn’t have enough money, they get turned down. In spite of this, the amount of money they have can lead them to opportunities.

Opportunities aren’t always easy to find, especially for someone who has more disadvantages. Not having money or a job can be difficult for opportunities to be given. Someone who isn’t economically stable always seeks every opportunity they can to be able to make money. They work more and put extra effort to ensure they can reach those opportunities; however, sometimes those opportunities are taken away because others think they don’t deserve it. At times, they might be given an opportunity but they don’t take it because they feel like it was given to them out of pity. People who need money never take things that don’t belong to them. They want to work for it and make sure that what they receive is from their own effort, not from being pitied or from someone else’s work. On the other hand, people who are economically stable is given the opportunity without needing to put any effort. They use the power of having money to their advantage. Sometimes they take away the opportunity just to prove that they are better than someone who is poor. The article “12 Real Differences Between a Rich Mindset vs. a Poor Mindset”, states that “Rich people’s mindset understands that the first goal is to gain a surplus of resources.” (Fiebert). The main goal for rich people is to gain everything good for themselves while other people suffer. At times, the opportunity that is given isn’t fair towards someone who needs it, but rich people don’t care about fairness. On the other hand, people who live in poverty think life is unfair to them.

In this world, there are times where life isn’t fair and it makes people feel discouraged about what they are doing. Some people feel like they should give up because they think their life was meant to be that way. While others feel like everything is going their way and that everything is fair, but realistically nothing is fair unless you make it fair. People don’t realize that the state they are living in is just temporary. They can have their life taken away just with one mistake. For example, stockholders can invest all their money on something, and when the economy drops, they lose it all. Some might live their best life, and the next thing they know, they go bankrupt. Nothing should be taken for granted because life isn’t that easy. People have to work for everything and if they want to keep what they have, they have to work even harder.

In conclusion, people who live in poverty have to work harder and sacrifice everything to make sure they get what they work for. While people who are rich, just use the money non-efficiently and make themselves seem like the higher class. When in reality, they only got their status because they used to be in the same shoes as the ones in poverty. People have to start somewhere before they can get where they want to be because money doesn’t fall from the sky and surely it does not grow from trees.

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