The Bishops’ Pawn Book Review of the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Bishops Pawn by Steve Berry was a book about the death of Martin Luther King Junior who died in 1968. The main question asked is why was Martin Luther King Junior Murdered? There are so many unanswered questions that have not yet been answered. Steve Berry tries to answer these questions in a shocking way. Most of the novel is written close to reality.The author tries to remind the readers what happened back then as well as what we do not know about.It is all done in the adventures with Cotton Malone who was recruited by Stephanie Nelle. You will be entertained by all the elation this book brings.

To start off with , Ray had purchased a rifle and then returned it right the next day for a better one. In the year of 1968, Ray was known for stocking Martin Luther king junior . That was also the year king was found dead. After the murder of King, there was an investigation on the death of King. There was no such finger prints found anywhere from Ray. According to the book , King wanted to die for the sake of others.

The book ended with Martin Luther King reading out The “mountaintop speech’. King spoke that night with no notes as well as no preparations. He was sick and not going to talk at all at first.King made up every word as he was reading out his speech. The entire speech sounded like a man that knows he is about to die. Later on king purposely goes out to the balcony for a few minutes to make him self a target for Ray. King and Ben Foster know what is already going to happen.“ The bathroom had a straight line of sight , so Ray positioned himself there, standing in a tub, the rifle out the window”(318). Right then and there one bullet and the gun shoots Martin Luther King Junior in the head.

Martin Luther King Juniors death was not a murder. It was staged that way so that people can believe it that way . Kings death was a suicide. There is where Steve Berry added the unexpected plot twist to the story . Martin Luther King Junior shot himself so that his death can bring memories to the people who died before him. The question about how did Ray get himself in the bath tub with the gun at the window , at a right distance away , at the exact moment he needed to be there loading one bullet and the gun shoots King in the head was then answered. This was all a set up.To this day we still do not have an accurate answer of what actually happened.

Many people hate reading reviews that will spoil a movie or a book that they have not yet started on. Personally , if I read a review of the book The Bishops Pawn , I would like for the review to tell me the ending of it. Yes it will spoil the whole entire book for me but it will help me connect pieces to the ending as I read along. If I was not told the ending , I would have to wait until I finish the whole entire book and try to connect everything together after I read it all. In my opinion that would be harder for me , however ; it all depends on what the reader prefers.

There are so many unanswered questions about Martin Luther King Juniors death.Steve Berry wrote his book to try to answer questions many people had about his murder throughout the years. The “mountaintop speech” where king sounded like a man who knew was going to die brought the whole idea of the novel.Martin Luther King Juniors death was the most investigated murder of a public official of American history.

In my opinion, I would certainly recommend this book to those who love to read great stories .There is a lot of action in this book as well as historical details that lead to the event of Martin Luther Kings Juniors death. Wait until you reach the end of the story , it will make every last bit of the book worth reading. This is my first book ever read by Steve Berry and all I have to say is that I am impressed.