Serial Killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nielsen

Jeffrey Dahmer is arguably one of the most evil, sadistic and ruthless serial killers in the 20th century. He is believed to have killed 17 young men and boys premeditatedly during the years 1978 to 1991. Jeffrey was a very lonely person and was very friendless as he grew up not getting much attention from his parents. He had said numerously times that his murderous thoughts came around the age of 14 when his parents had divorced. His first ever murder did not come up till after his high school graduation where he had picked up an aged 15 hitchhiker in his car and beat him to death. After this, he had become an alcoholic and could not control his cravings. Despite his insanity, Jeffrey had an IQ of 145 which is top 2% in the world. He had landed himself a spot at Ohio State University which he quickly withdrew from after half of a semester. His father insisted he enlist in the Army, in which he did and worked as a chef, but was later discharged because of his drinking habits.

Following his discharge, Jeffrey was forced to live with his grandmother, where his madness only grew as he was arrested multiple times due to indecent exposure and behavior towards other people. He then boiled his victims bodies and hid them under his grandmother’s house until he was eventually caught when he lured a man to his home, who then luckily escaped and ran straight to the police. He was then sentenced to life in prison. Jeffrey himself had said that his motives were to have “complete control over a person and for them never to leave them.”

Although Jeffrey Dahmer was a very insane and infamous serial killer, Dennis Nilsen also had a very similar life and unique way of killing victims. Dennis is believed to have killed 15 people during his spree of murder. Similarly to Jeffrey, Dennis also grew up a very lonely and withdrawn boy due to his parents. It was not until Dennis was the age of 33 that he had killed his first victim who was a 15 year old boy who he had met at a pub. Unlike Jeffrey’s high IQ, Dennis Nilsen’s IQ was never really tested, but must have been high as he did really well in school. Like Jeffrey, Dennis was also enlisted in the Army at a young age and worked as a chef.

When Dennis had left the Army, he then pursued to work as a police officer but was later fired after he had taken pictures of David Painter, who was a fellow worker with him, asleep. When Dennis was confronted of the situation, he denied everything and was released without charge. While Jeffrey lived with his grandmother, Dennis lived in an apartment alone which made it much easier to lure and kill people. Although Jeffrey killed his victims in a very horrific way, Dennis, on the other hand, was very gruesome when he killed people because he would clean them up, attempt to have sexual intercourse with them, and then bury them up underneath his floorboards. Dennis would also need to boil his victims as they would have a very bad odor after weeks of being underneath his apartment.

In contrast of Jeffrey, Dennis was very good in covering his tracks, but was later caught because of an investigation in his apartment building due to the sewer pipes and was also then sentenced to life imprisonment. The infamous serial killer lives of Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen are possibly the most gruesome and horrific out of the many killers that are known.

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