Revenge in the Cask of Amontillado Essay

The Connection between The Cask of Amontillado and John Wick Movies There is a perfect connection between the John Wick Movie and The Cask of Amontillado. The plots for both stories are meant to explain an act of revenge against their actors’ foes. The story is interesting because it is short and to the point, except it does not explain the kind of mistakes that the adversaries had done against the main character.

Since the plots in the movie revolve around revenge, it is easy to contrast the points of on this keyword of revenge because the scenes of implementing the theme are similar. One similarity between the story of The Cask of Amontillado and John Wick 1 and 2 is the question of why the main characters wanted to seek revenge. In the first case, the narrator, who finally reveals his name as Montresor, starts his story of revenge by stating that his enemy Fortunato inflicted several injuries on his body in the past. The person who seemed to have done the physical act of injuring could have enjoyed his malicious act. Maybe he wanted to kill him, but he did not manage. He did it deliberately to ensure the narrator is no longer peaceful in life.

The second act of violation against the narrator is Fortunato’s recent acts of insults. It seems the villain had a hidden plan of destroying Montresor by setting up traps to cause him much discomfort. Since Montresor survived the attacks, he had to launch a revenge plan against his enemy. Thus, this story connects well with John Wick ‘s movies where John could not withhold the effect of the evil acts done against him by Mafia boss’s son called Losef. Losef had caused much injury and destruction to John Wick. Earlier, The Bogyman (John Wick) worked for the mafia don to help Viggo reclaim his leadership. After seeking retirement to visit his dying wife, John manages to command her attention and love.

However, she dies but leaves him with a dog as the only companion. Later, the mafia don led by Losef commands him to sell his 1969 Mustang, but he refuses by saying, “This car is not for sale” (Movies). Dissatisfied with the answer, the mafia and its assassins mount a siege on the house, beat him up, kill the dog, and burn his house while he is inside half dead. All these evil acts happen to John Wick, which is a similar concept as seen in The Cask of Amontillado. Therefore, these two people become so enraged that they started a mission of the revenge against their follies.

The method of implementing the revenge mission in both cases has some form of similarity. In the story, Montresor uses the term Amontillado, a special type of wine to intoxicate and lure Fortunato into the tunnels where he puts an excuse that it has a vault of the rare wine (Poe 69). One astonishing factor about the character, Montresor, is that he believes in a saying that, “No one attacks me with impunity.” Since the entire family appreciates and practices revenge, then he was determined to get one against his immediate enemy.

This example connects with John Wick’s multiple acts of revenge, which fills most scenes of the movie. He starts by killing all assassins sent by Viggo to capture him. Next, he burns the secret church that contains cash and other forms of wealth belonging to Viggo. Although Montresor also struggles to lure Fortunato into the cave, John struggles a lot to kill his enemies despite encountering serous gun wound in his mission to avenge. Thus, both the story and the movie plot present ways of trapping the enemies into fine locations where killing should take place.

Montresor continues to implement his mission of revenge by slowly subjecting the victim to slow death, which is connected to the plot of the movie in which Wick could kill the assailants slowly. Despite them being persistent and determined to terminate their lives, John would simply look at them with a sympathetic eye before punching an object or a bullet into their bodies. In the short story, Montresor killed Fortunato by leaving him in a tightly sealed location complete without an entrance. The place was dark, and the victim could not do anything to seek help.

Without mercy, he left him in the tunnel to die without any hope of getting assistance put. Similarly, John killed Losef, without mercy. He shot his head besides finishing all the people sent to assassinate him. His killings become so wicked that he does not leave anyone in peace. With such factors appearing in common, it means that two forms of publications are related to the keyword of revenge. In summary, both John Wick and The Cask of Amontillado have a connection in their way of arranging scenes.

They both start by elaborating the reasons for revenge before proceeding plans of implementation of the revenge. At the time of killing the rivals, John performs his killings to get the satisfaction of revenge. Thus, the plan of killing enemies is impressive as it leads to the fulfilment of self-desires for the perpetrators in both cases.

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