Psychological Assessment Report


The client under investigation was a teenager with a family comprising of six people and her name was Deiya. The family included father, the mother, two sisters, one brother and the client. There was no presence of extended family but only two pet dogs, pippa and pikku. The client describes the family as being a close one, which she enjoys being part of it. The report established the description of parents’ personalities as loving and caring because of the family was enjoying unity. The client does not provide the relationship between parents and the conflicts between them. The calm nature of the parents manifested at the table when they were sharing food in a peaceful environment.

In terms of communication, the client talked much with Denyz who is a sister aged 14 years old while the client is 19 years old. Poor communication was observed between the client and Kuya who was in Japan and the two could not keep constant communication. The level of affection in the family begins from individual levels and extends to the pets in the two pets. The client loves pets and when asked about his wishes, having dogs was one of them. The basic value stressed by parents is academic excellence because the client was in school pursuing a degree. It is essential also to study the atmosphere at home, which was calm and peaceful because during eating at the table, the interaction was friendly.

Personal Background

The client attends the school at Ateneo de Manila University and she is in the third year of studies. Her academic abilities are average because she said sh was not very smart. The health of the client is average, which means that she sometimes falls seek but is currently doing fine. The client is also averagely looking has nice eyebrows. She loves her dog and she is afraid of losing it. Thus, in terms of friendship, she prefers to stay alone because she said other people “suck.”She says that her intentions in life are good and this makes her a better person in general. However, she hates the fact that she is lazy sometimes. Her habits include finding things that would make her happy and this includes having pet dogs around her. She has no hobbies and special interests that could be identified.

Her dreams include three main aspects namely; to be rich, to be happy, and to possess a golden retriever.  Study of her emotions indicated that her levels of depression are very high. The factors that cause this depression include life in general especially when people influence others to do bad things. The self-concept of the client was using the ideas they have and implement them through actions to achieve goals in life and the score was average. Her achievement striving score was average meaning, she is modesty when handling her tasks. Relations and emotional connectedness to others, including romantic relationships were high in the client especially connectedness to her pets and the strong relations with her family.

Tests administered

The tests administered were the following: Panukat ng Pagkataong Pilipino (PPP), Filipino Intelligence Test (FIT), Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness (TTMA), The Raven Program Matrices (RPM), The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (TKTS), and the NEO Personality Inventory-3.

Behavioral observation

The behavioral observation was that the client did not talk too much and the interviewer had to struggle to get answers. The client was a polite and quiet person. Such behavior limited the amount of information one could get from the discussion about the personal attributes.


The client involved is a student at the Ateneo de Manila University. She has a family of six people. She is quiet and generally finds happiness in having pets because she does not like being in the co many of many people. She has emotional instability when seeing other people suffering. She is averagely hard working and dreams to be rich and happy.


Recommendations are that the clients should do the following: (i) learn to make important friend; (ii) improve her commitment towards success; (iii) develop positive emotions to help live a better life; and (iv) increase self-consciousness.

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