Primary Document Analysis The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre is one of the topics addressed in the collection of documents Reading the American Past volume 1 To: 1877 chapter four. The Boston Massacre is an event that took place in 1768 in America. It’s an incident that involved the British soldiers and American colonies who had started a rebellion against the authorities. It’s an event that defines the history of the United States as it marks an important moment that led to the independence of Americans. It involved British army solders who shot and killed several people who had launched demonstration against them (Johnson 238).

The British army had been positioned in Boston with the task of protecting colonial officials in the province of Massachusetts who were enforcing unpopular law. The killing made the other provinces turn against the British colonials. Several people were shot dead as a result of the confrontation between a British sentry and the rioters. As a result, one officer, eight soldiers and a civilian were arrested in association to the incident and charged with murder. The incident is one of the most important in the history of United States as it sparked tension all over the country.

The Boston Massacre turned colonial sentiments against the British parliamentary authority and King George III. After the event, the other provinces rose against the British authority. It’s believed that the incident laid the foundation for American independence in 1770 (Allison 45). The American patriots used the then annual commemorations of the Boston Massacre against the British authority. The event was used as evidence that the British leadership was oppressive and hostile.

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