People That Inspire Us Gives Us The Ambition to Live

People that inspire us gives us the ambition to live, to help us succeed, to strive for greatness and teach us integrity. My mother is my inspiration, she is the embodiment of everything I aspire to be.. sacrifice, courage, and perseverance and her tender and beauty upon inside her. The love inside her inspires me to love others, help others to bring happiness.

My inspiration, grew up poor she knew humility, it gave her courage. Her bones tell the story of a migrant hard worker. The courage she demonstrates inspires me to be courageous, through tough times through my fears. Showing valor during her business in her jobs and not giving up shows me the courage to continue doing well in school. The wonders of her courageous act are like a knight’s boldness never giving up. It taught me to fight through my fears, the obstacles I face in life. Without the wonder of her courage will. I wouldn’t be the person I would be.

Furthermore, my inspiration has an unconditional love like no other. As she feeds me with tender and sweet love it inherits me to love others with respect and empathy, giving that kind of love for others. It shows me that love can be a powerful feeling. The way to be right from wrong, the light from darkness, the beauty inside of my mother, is just full of a bundle of love and tender, which aspires me to pass love to give love like no other.

So forth, my inspiration has part of her that shows perseverance, her skin is a shade of a golden tan color, showing determination. Her hair is a mix of dark brown and golden brown, showing tenacity. With her perseverance and being inspired by her trait. Gives me determination when it comes to life, my career, and my focus. To not give up through difficult times in life. Her heart is like a garden, a garden that shows determination, that never burns through the fire of failure. As I picked a flower from her garden. The flower never withers or burns the determination is as durable as a diamond. Inspires me to strive for success.

In all, my mother is my inspiration, the embodiment of all I aspire to be, The warmth of her sweet love covers me like a silk soft blanket. The immense courage upon her shows me to fight through, her perseverance gives me immunity against failure. All these traits of her shoes the beauty of what she is. To inherit me those traits. To make helping others giving me happiness. My mother, my guardian, is my inspiration.

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