National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Space is full of stars more than we can think, surrounding those stars are many asteroids, and surrounding those asteroids are many planets. Since the scientist started exploring the space with their telescopes towards the skies. They found out there could be life outside the Earth. Questions followed up, how many planets out there? What life is dwell in those planets? Since the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), started sending orbits to space we never stopped exploring space more and more, our passion for knowledge never stopped that’s why we are thriving to break the space boundaries. When The soviet union sent the first man into space in 1961 on an orbit, since then the marathon between the U.S. and the Soviet Union escalated from all the aspects developing technology, exploring, and making new expeditions. But the U.S. government didn’t stand with folded hands when JFK gave a speech about how space exploration is important America sent the first spaceflight landed on the moon which called Apollo 11. Space became a national security concern for the United States in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik into orbit (Taft,2018).However, in this current time it’s different from old days, nowadays space race is bygone. Nowadays, there are other reasons why should we explore space curiosity, keep our safety, and purposes of scientific discovery.

Curiosity has always played a primary role in the movement of mankind. It always pushed human’s to discover out new stuff in the majority of the areas. Curiosity which is the defines as a strong desire to know or learn something (Pearsall,2013).furthermore, especially space exploration has recently pushed under the light, it has been a serious section to invest the tax revenue in. Also, there are no limitations to the space frontier the much we explore the more we thrive discover. Until now a lot of mysterious lays down in the deep space that has never found a solution, for example, the radio signal appeared on the night of Aug. 15, 1977, when it was picked up by the Big Ear radio telescope at the Ohio State University. It lasted 72 seconds. It was loud more intense than anything in the background sky that night (Emspak,2017). However, when curiosity comes it most comes with some consequence, like the Apollo 1 failed and killed three astronauts and the Russian Soyuz 11 also killed 3 astronauts from a fire accident.

With climate change, the Earth is collapsing, and it’s too late to halt what we have made. Even if there are more than 100 years for the Earth to remain there are still chances for a catastrophe to happen and limit the Earth life rate. Not forget to mention human can save the Earth but we need a back-up plan for any emergency circumstances. The 1783–84 eruption of Laki, another Icelandic volcano. Laki’s toxic cloud polluted the atmosphere, lowered temperatures and caused famines across the Northern Hemisphere (Spinney,2010).In addition, what happened to The earth with the story of Prophet Noah and the Ark, can implicit that the Earth might face a catastrophe like that again in the near future. Flood drowned and killed everyone on the Earth, except the ones who were in the Ark.we know it is a story and nothing will happen like that again. But it still could destroy a specific area, like what happened with Japan, the tsunami destroyed half of the Japan.these catastrophes costs billion of a dollar to the countries economy. So what are we waiting for? Others catastrophe killing people and vanishing cities till when we are gonna wait?. According to UNISDR, the number of catastrophes that happened in the world are 3455 floods,2689 storms, and 470 droughts and killed over 50 million people with more than 500 million people who got damaged by those catastrophic (Wahlstrom,2017). (more ex and info)

Imagine the world without satellites moving around the Earth atmosphere a hundred of them. Without these satellites, we won’t have internet. We wouldn’t be connected to the world talking with each other overseas. If something happened in the world a plane crash, an Ebola breakout, and if there’s a storm coming who would tell the people to stay home?. We wouldn’t have received the news immediately,at least it took 1-3 weeks for some of them until it arrived at us.those satellites wouldn’t be in invented if the world didn’t start to explore the outer space and the cosmos a lot of other invention wouldn’t be found out without the need of getting more technology for exploring space. (add more info here)

As a person fond of space exploration, space exploration will benefit humanity with a lot of answers that they haven’t found any solution yet. To let us find out more about what is the space hiding from us we need to keep digging into the voids and let the past sacrifices worth the job they do to us and the billions of dollars that had been spent in those space programs, (add more)