My Love of Baking

As I open the oven door, a wave of heat coats my face and the smell of sweet cinnamon and chocolate resonate throughout the house. Not too much flour, nor too little of baking powder; they are just right, and the smiles on my friend’s faces were just enough to bring me complete joy to know that this would become an essential part of my life. As they proceeded to call me the next Martha Stewart, I became overwhelmed upon their anticipation of tasting my first ever batch of chocolate chip cookies.

There awaits a feeling, so comforting and joy-filled within the aroma of a sweet and buttery pastry that evokes a sense of relaxation. I enjoy every moment in which I get to share a warm filled and homey experience with those around me with goods I have baked; whether it is sweet, savory, or even both, the grin that forms upon someones face as they take their first bite into something I have created gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Since I was a child, I can always remember the level of excitement on my face when I got the chance to taste something so sweet and flavorful; a feeling not every child gets from something as simple as a cookie. I was given the freedom to bake at a young age; thanks to hungry siblings and busy parents, the time I would spend in the kitchen bloomed into a hobby that I would cherish in many years to come. Not only is it a tasteful hobby, but it is also a hobby that is enough to alleviate the stressful days, replace them with new mindsets, and bring happiness to people around me. To the many recipes that have not worked and the many that have, it is said that you don’t fail until you stop trying, and I have come to the realization that with the many burnt cookies, undercooked brownies, and nongreased pans, it teaches you preparation, and allows you to push yourself to limits you never thought you could reach.

Whether it is for family occasions or for the times spent with friends, it has been my experience that connections built with people are built through their stomach as it creates moments that solely serve a purpose to bring people together and enjoy a common interest in flavorful sweets. At least for me, the simple purpose of food is not only to nourish but to display the utmost effort and care that is placed into it. Ultimately, it is the labor and love that brings me just as much delight to eat as it does my hungry friends and family.