Love versus hate Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge

Romeo and Juliet was written in 1594, years after the tragic plays were performed in Greece in the late 6th century. A lot of the earliest tragedies came from Greece, their plays were based on Greek mythology and only had one actor with a speaking part.

Tragedies are horrible events that cause a lot of distress and destruction, like a crime or natural disaster, tragic love isn’t any better, tragic love means the couple is destined to either break up or die, neither which is fun to watch or read about. so tragic love seems more destined to happen and tragedies happen and are horrible.

In the 16th century, there were rules on the fabrics and furs that people could wear so everyone could tell how rich or poor you were, Shakespeare was financially troubled when he first started writing plays, but he eventually became successful and was wealthy by business standards, he even was able to retire which was an accomplishment.

In the not so small town of Verona two families hate each other, the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo and Juliet see each other and fall in love immediately, they secretly get married, but Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin killed Romeo’s best friend Mercutio and in a fit of anger Romeo kills Tybalt and gets exiled. Oh yeah and there’s Paris the guy Juliet’s parents are making her marry in three days. Juliet goes to the priest who married her and Romeo and asks for a solution because she doesn’t want to marry this random guy she’s only met once. Friar Lawrence gives her this fake poison that he tells her to drink on the night of her wedding day and gives a message to another friar to bring to Romeo, and sends Juliet home. On the night of her wedding, Juliet drinks the fake poison and everyone thinks she’s dead, even poor Romeo who doesn’t get the message. Romeo decides that life isn’t worth living without his Juliet so he goes to a super sketchy apothecary and gives him all his money for a really strong poison, and goes to Juliet. On his way to his love, Romeo crosses paths with the sad Paris and they fight, Romeo wins and continues on his way to Juliet. Cut to next scene Romeo looks sadly at the still face of Juliet and uncorks the poison, says his last goodbyes and lies down next to Juliet drinking the poison in one gulp. Romeo dies, just as Juliet wakes up. Juliet cries over Romeo’s dead body, her hand brushes over his dagger and she grabs it placing it over her heart she stabs herself and dies over Romeo’s body just as the guard comes. Everyone hears about the deaths both the Montagues and the Capulets are super sad about it and in there sadness forgives each other and promise to not fight anymore.

The end

Romeo an Juliet is really tragic because they’re so young and neither of them survives, and they might have if their families weren’t always fighting, so many things could have happened differently for them to survive. If only Juliet had just left with Romeo, if only Romeo had gotten the letter, if only Juliet had woken up earlier.

Moulin Rouge is the story of this guy who wants to be a writer and he goes to this place called moulin rouge to find a place to show his work, and he meets this super pretty girl, and she thinks he’s this person who’s going to give them a lot of money to make a theatre so she tries to convince him to pay for the new theatre. But then the real guy comes and they pretend to be rehearsing for Christian’s play and some other stuff happens and Satine and Christian that’s their names fall in love, but the evil jackass rich guy wants Satine because he’s a horrible perv. And meanwhile Satine and Christian are falling even more in love and hiding it because they know the other guy want Satine but he doesn’t know about them, but then he finds out and changes the play and some other bad stuff happens and Satine is sick and dying so instead of leaving with Christian she stays and goes on with the play but then Christian comes to the play and throws money at her and it’s all really sad but then all the nice people that are in the play stop the ass hole from doing anything and Satine and Christian are together and the curtains close and Satine starts coughing and it really, bad there’s a lot of blood and it’s not ok and then she dies in Christians arms, and then you cry all the tears.

In this story, Christian is like Romeo and Satine is like Juliet, but Satine dies and Christian survives, and Toulouse Lautrec another play enthusiast and Christian’s neighbor is like Mercutio because he brought Christian to moulin rouge to convince them about their play, were Christian meets Satine. Christian is like Romeo because he basically falls in love with Satine at first sight and does everything he can to be with her, and he gets really sad without her. Satine is like Juliet because she loved Christian to the very end.

I think Shakespeare is important today because all his stories are classics and they have really interesting and confusing words and plots, that have good meanings, and who doesn’t want to read about two lovers who fail to plan everything out and end up dying. it ok I’m mostly fine. Just a warning though if you watch either of these movies or read the books, have lots of tissues.