Louisiana Purchase and Sacagawea’s Adventure

Imagine you a adventure through Uncharted zones, gets Captured from your home, and you are held captive. Well sacajawea did all of that.

Why is Sacagawea important

She is important because Lewis and Clark would have been lost if it wasn’t for her, and her skills. The states like Colorado would still be forest. If it wasn’t for Sacajawea and probably where you live.Without the louisiana purchase the USA would have been whey tinier.

Why is Sacagawea’s Early Life so important

Sacajawea was born may 1788, and died december 20, 1812 . Her mother and father name her Sacajawea, and it translated into briod women.The only way anyone now got information was from the journals of men that traveled with Sacagawea. Sacajawea made cloths, moccasins, poupard, dried fish, and cleated wood. For all of her hard work she was promised to marry a man twice her age. Her village was attacked, and she was taken when she was 12. She was 15 when she had to marry a me three times her age.A lot of native american girls are married when they are teen.

Why does Sacagawea’s Adventure change lives

Sacajawea was about 16 when she meant Lewis Clark. He came for the louisiana purchase. Clark couldn’t wait for himself to be yosfl. They wanted to get a guide to explore the Louisiana Purchase . Lewis Ask Sacagawea’s to help Guide His Group through the forest. Sacagawea said yes Immediately. I think she said yes immediately because she wants Freedom. They torvald and travild, but they did not know Sacajawea was pregnant. She had a baby on february 11, 1805 his name was Charbonneau. Her son was the youngest explorer of the USA. Sacagawea help Guide the men. I wonder How Lewis and Clark’s expedition would have gone without Sacagawea. They probably would of got Lost. Texas We have never Be discovered.I think Sacajawea was the most Important person in the expedition because she knew how to get around ,and get food.Imagine if they never made it back all the places that they explored would still be forest. Sacajawea is super brave because she joined a expedition 30 men and no women while she had a child to take care of. She did this for 2 years and she oslo had to go through Bad weather, duzes, staveachin, bad water ,ruf tran.

Why is Lewis and clark so important?

Lewis and clark came for the Louisiana Purchase. That day lewis made up a co leader and made clark the co leader. Along the way they met Sacagawea she led them through the fierce terrain, the undependable rivers, and the bad weather.After 2 years they were relieved that they code finally could go home. Sacagawea was so important she got her face imprinted on a coin!

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