Literature Review on Reality TV Shows

In our generation reality tv showes are one extensive entertainment throughout the world. And this entertainment has given different meaning and view to different people. So, on my review I intended to demonstrate how most reality tv showes appear with gender stereotyping, how one race presented than the others, and how most reality tv showes have competitiveness on their show this include the famous reality tv showes the dance mom, survivor and American Idol. Also, I will specify the dance mom reality tv showes, and how they have gender stereotyping and competitiveness. Reality television is big It’s seen by millions and discussed, chatted about, and hyped by hundreds of thousands. Some critics are convinced that Big Brother, Survivor, and Road Rules represent a very negative trend by exposing contestants’ private lives.

‘The underlying themes are themes of humiliation and degradation. And its part of a general trend in our culture towards making the private public,’ says Frank Farley, past president of the American Psychological Association. Others see the genre as an example of American democracy at its best. You can become an American idol or a survivor with your own talk show through hard work and discipline, no matter where you grew up or who you are (Breyer 2004). However, there are naturally common things in reality tv showes one of it is gender stereotyping. And this gender stereotyping is appeared in most reality tv shows. In 2011, the Girl Scout Research Institute released a research report, Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV, bringing global attention to the potential harmful effects of reality TV programming on young viewers.

A survey of 1,141 U.S. adolescent girls aged 11–17 years revealed that regular reality TV viewing was associated with the belief that other girls were untrustworthy, that social aggression (e.g., gossiping) is a normal part of girls’ relationships with each other, and that it is necessary to be mean or lie to get ahead in life (Girl Scout Research Institute, 2011). So, this all things are examined on the dance mom reality tv showes. Which the show is about competition of the girls by traveling through different dance competition places and competition among each other. Which they were prepared by their choreography Abby Miller. But, on this show you will see the moms fight with among each other. most of the episodes are fighting, cursing one another, gossiping and which overall showing how females are aggressive. So, this gender stereotyping is not only on the dance mom, but it is on most reality tv showes. The other aspect that all the reality TV shows had in common was their competitive nature contestants were vying with one another for a cash prize and were engaged in building alliances and betraying allies (Reiss& Wiltz 2001). So, on the dance mom the girls are required to compete with one another and if they win, they will get a chance to present solo on the final round. Not only dance mom has competitive, but the survivor, American idol are some of the examples that the contestants compete with on another in order to win for a prize. But on their own terms, they reflect things that kids, and adults are interested in (Poniewozik 2013).

Where the other thing reality tv stereotype become more troubling is in connection to race and ethnicity (Wyatt & Bunton 2012) The study found that, in comparison with their proportion in the population, White characters were overrepresented, Black characters were represented roughly at parity, and other racial and ethnic groups were severely underrepresented. For example, On the dance mom most of the castes are white this showes how one race is more presented than the other. Finally, Reality TV grant Americans to achieve an automatic fame. “Ordinary people can watch the shows, see people like themselves and imagine that they too could become celebrities by being on television” (Reiss & Wiltz 2001). Like on the dance mom Maddie Ziegler who gained fame