Legalization of marijuana and its possible consequences

“Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself; and where they are, they should be changed. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against possession of marijuana be private for personal use. Therefore, I support legislation amending federal law to eliminate all federal criminal penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana” (Carter, 1977). Carter’s quote makes a lot of sense especially when he pointed out that penalties against drug possession should not be more damaging to a person than the drug itself, that may be true but also refutable. Many people go against the legalization of marijuana simply because it is “bad” without even actually knowing both sides of legalizing marijuana. That is why although the legalization of marijuana can cause injuries, develop addictions, and cause crimes, it can also cure diseases, ensure public safety, and even increase the economy of the country.

If one really analyses marijuana as the cause for injuries, they can note that these injuries are actually due to harder drugs and even violence due to being penalized for possessing marijuana. Marijuana is not a hard drug and does not push you to being violent; it is an all natural herbal drug. This drug does not cause direct damage to a person. Marijuana has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for the symptoms of many diseases such as AIDS, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, migraines, hepatitis C, glaucoma, psychological conditions and many more. In fact, marijuana is recommended by some doctors as a form of medication – medical marijuana. (Heyes, 2013) Marijuana has not been shown to affect an individual’s cognitive process in the long-term; it may affect the process only for the duration of being intoxicated – still not damaging the brain in the long run.

Marijuana use can be a problem but can rarely lead to an addiction. People can be addicted to the mildest things but many people are not aware that caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are more addictive than marijuana actually is. When a person is addicted he or she cannot be productive and they eventually throw their lives away which is not necessarily true. There are many people who become more productive by functioning better and thinking better because of the use of marijuana. When it comes to addiction and abuse, people want to be ensured of public safety because of the idea that marijuana causes injuries and crimes. These crimes develop due to the arrests of people that are in possession of marijuana, not directly because of the use of marijuana. People are arrested because marijuana is illegal in most places, especially because they fight for it or rebel against the law. When marijuana is legal policemen can focus on much more serious crimes and acts of violence. In order to ensure public safety, the law should just regulate the selling and use of marijuana. There should still be laws that implement the safety of their citizens like in Seattle, such as not driving under the influence of marijuana. This can help raise awareness and still lessen crime rates and arrest because of the possession of marijuana.

The legalization of marijuana does not only benefit the individuals who need or want marijuana but it can also help the country’s economy. The number one reason why there are crime rates when it comes to marijuana possession is because it is illegal. More and more people get arrested even if not everyone possesses them for negative reasons. More than 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana for merely possessing marijuana and the rest were for selling or manufacturing marijuana. When you legalize marijuana, less people will be arrested for the right reasons. When legalizing marijuana, it would be lowering prices due to greater availability or supply. Marijuana is in great demand, thus increasing the economy because more and more people will purchase them if it was legalized. With that being said, we can look at new tax revenues and compare marijuana to tobacco. When marijuana is legalized, governments can start taxing marijuana just like tobacco and start earning from it as well. The legalization of marijuana can also provide more job opportunities especially when it comes to industries and physicians, as well as private securities, and even delivery drivers.

After reading many articles about marijuana use and possession, people will understand that marijuana is not what everyone is pointing it out to be. There is always a pro and con to almost every situation but people have to further study and analyze in order to really see if their stand is correct. When a person researches about the pros and cons of marijuana, they will find more positive effects than negative effects. The legalization of marijuana does not only help the individual who is in favor of marijuana but actually the people around him or her and their country as well. All the disadvantages of legalizing, possessing and using marijuana are refutable and are less supported by evidences than of the advantages. The legalization of marijuana will not harm an individual and the country as whole, because more harm is inflicted for possessing the drug itself.

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