Is Money Salvation of all Problem?

Power does corrupt an individual’s perception of realities because people who are wealthy, think that certain things cannot happen to them like getting sick, going to jail or not being happy because they can have anything they want by means of command because of all the money and power they have. People think that money will solve all of their problems, but when they get that money and power and can’t fix that problem like they thought they do not know what to do. In the short story “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allen Poe is about a wealthy man that thought he could escape death with the money and power that he had, he uses symbolism, personification, and imagery to support the idea that even if people have all the money and power in world there is no way that someone can escape death because death is part of the human condition and is also a stage of life that everyone goes through.

As the people are enjoying the party, the clock strikes every hour and forces them to stop and they feel terrified but when the clock stops they automatically go back to partying. Poe describes personification such as the clock in order to describe how much time the people have left, ¨there came from the brazen lungs of the clock a sound which was clear and loud and deep and exceedingly musical¨. Poe gives the clock lungs, he gives him this personal quality because it gives the clock a better description of the sound of the clock and makes the reader think deeper, it makes the reader think deeper because the clock makes a musical sound that stops the people at the party. The clock plays a powerful role in the story because its representing the reality of death and how every time the clock strikes it means that the people have lost an hour of their life and how they are getting closer and closer to death as the time goes by, so it is basically a constant reminder of death. Why do feel terror when they hear the clock it’s a constant reminder of…

Poe implies symbolism in order to force the reader to see his point of view on life, religion, love and death. In this short story, there are main portions that can be interpreted as symbolism by focusing on these points. The reader is able to form a more enlightened view of the piece as a whole. The first symbol that stands out is the use of the name Prince Prospero, the name automatically indicates a person with wealth and high prestige, with this name it gives the reader valuable information about the prince’s lifestyle and personality and history, without having to waste time with details. in which it is held, the direction in which they lead, and the colors used to decorate them. The second symbol is masquerade, there is a number of rooms in In these 7 rooms, poe was trying to symbolize the stages of life and in the last room which is the black room which may be interpreted as death and nobody likes going into that room. One other important symbol was the ebony clock, the clock represents death or time until death. The significance of these symbols is what creates the story, they are what create the aura of mystery and hidden innuendos, they cause the reader to pause and reexamine certain aspects of believe. In this story, they cause the reader to realize the fact that humans are not immortal and will not live forever. Poe pushes his thoughts upon his readers with such force that they can do nothing but think over his words. His use of symbolism not only made his writings truly grand, although this may be true, in addition to this, it gives the readers a glimpse of who he really was and why.

Poe uses imagery to describe how bad the red death is and how people were trying to ignore it when it was right next to them, he uses a lot of imagery towards the end when the red death was coming for them and the clock was basically letting the people know how much time they have left, every time the clock would strike everyone at the party knew the red death was getting closer but just because everyone at the party had something to do, like party and have fun while everybody’s dying and because there’s a lot of people with power and money at the party they think that they’re above everyone that the red death is killing like they cant die from it too and that’s why they choose to party rather than worry about death when the red death was at their doorstep they all froze in shock due to the fact that they were ignoring it so much, when it finally got there they didn’t know how to handle it, the prince even made an order to arrest the person with the red death coming towards them and everyone at the party was so shocked that they disobeyed his orders and didn’t move a muscle then they all ended up dying because of their ignorance towards the red death. Edgar Allen Poe states “Movement had been made to arrest it was however that the prince prospero maddening with rage and the shame of his own momentary cowardice

rushed hurriedly through the six chambers while no one followed” “and darkness and decay and the red death held illimitable dominion over all” these two quotes from the story show that the prince and everyone at the party was shocked thinking that moment couldn’t be real they thought that they could just party until the disease goes away and when the disease is right in front of them they don’t know how to react because they had the wrong mind set about death, before they did not formulate a plan to escape the disease and now it’s to late and there’s nothing they could do at that point in time .

Power corrupts an individual’s perception of realities because people with power, money ,and respect. People think they can escape things that money, power, or respect can’t help.

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