Is it Okay for Parents to Monitor Teens’ Internet Use

In this era of technological advancement, the internet is used all around the world. The Internet is defined as a system which all computer networks are connected to each other for the user of communication and sharing information. The Internet is used by all class of citizen because it is beneficial for all of them. In these days, parental monitoring is done by most of the parents especially when their children are in the teenager stage. As a teenager, they will somehow feel annoyed when their parents monitor their internet use because they thought their parents were invading their privacy but in fact, parents are just concern about their children as the aspect of safety and health. Therefore, it is okay for parents to monitor teens’ internet use.

Cyberbullying is always been happened in these days due to lack of parental monitoring and of course, there are other reasons like lack of empathy, for revenge or even for entertainment. Cyberbully include creating rumors, pejorative labels and sexual remarks which will impacts the victim’s life. Most of the teens would not tell their parents when they get bullied or harassed online because they are afraid the cyberbullies treated them even harsher. When they did not pour their heart out, they will overthink and it causes emotional effects such as depression, stress, anxiety and gloomy. Due to this, teens will start skipping school, lost interest in studies and less communicating with others. If it comes to the worse it will lead to death because their life is just all about ‘bully’. Parents should always be alert by monitoring teens’ internet use regularly to avoid cyberbullying.

The Internet is one of the best tools to make friends from all around the world. But are they all trustable? Some of the parents did advise their children not to communicate with strangers, exposing their personal information or sharing out photos with strangers, but this does not mean that their children will obey the rules. This is done to avoid online predators from approaching their children mainly the teenagers. Online predators have usually pretended themselves as someone who is physically appealing so that they get to approach the victims easily. Soon the predators will convince the victim to meet in person and if they are fooled on that they might get kidnapped. With this, parents should check their chat room more often and make sure that their account’s username and password are maintained because communicating with strangers will cause many negative impacts on the community.

Every teenager likes to explore the internet either to find information or for entertainment. They are a lot of websites and apps that they can choose which is very beneficial for them but it may be dangerous too. Careless teens will accidentally download malware unwittingly which unknowingly infect the computer and the personal detail eventually exposed out. This would happen because teens access pages that are not secured and download unnecessary apps. An infected computer has to be clean and they might be some important files or software that are removed from the computer without backing up. To get rid of this problem, parental monitoring should be done and install virus protector to reduce to risk of getting a virus.

As in conclude, it is fine for parents to monitor teens’ internet use as a protection and to determine teens’ future. Teens will always stay on their guideline and will not cross over the boundaries. Parents’ monitoring is important for teens to know about the benefits of the internet and use it wisely.


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