Importance of Empathy

Imagine not having a positive interaction with the person who is supposed to be caring for you. Would you ever allow that person to take care of you again? Empathy is our ability to recognize and acknowledge the feelings of others. Empathy allows the experience with your healthcare provider to be better.

The ability to empathize with others makes for a better healthcare provider because it creates a positive impact and allows the healthcare provider to better understand their patient. Empathy allows the interaction between a healthcare provider and their patient to leave a positive impact on the patient. The patient will be pleased with their care if they believe that their healthcare provider understands their feelings. The healthcare provider reassuring the patient and making them feel safe while explaining their conclusions will allow that patient to feel better about their diagnosis.

Even though the diagnosis may be negative, being able to empathize with the patient allowed them to have a better experience. Additionally, a caring attitude from the healthcare provider can allow a negative situation to become less negative and more positive. A doctor speaking to a patient in a calm and positive tone will allow that patient to feel like their diagnosis is not as bad as it may seem.

The tone of the healthcare provider allows the patient to feel like they are cared for and allows them to have an overall positive experience. Additionally, a better relationship is formed when the healthcare provider has the ability to empathize. Being able to empathize allows the patient to feel comfortable during their interaction. A patient will likely continue seeing a healthcare provider that they feel comfortable around and they trust. Having the ability to empathize allows the healthcare provider to give a better experience that the patient feels secure in.

Additionally, empathy allows a better connection to form and allows the patient to feel that their individual needs are cared about. Being able to empathize allows that patient to know that their healthcare provider understands what they are going through and cares about their well being. Without this, the patient would not feel like they are treated in the best possible way or be able to connect with their healthcare provider. Altogether, empathy is a major component in building the best relationship between the healthcare provider and patient.

verall, empathy is a very important factor in being a great healthcare provider. While scientific knowledge is important, a healthcare provider who is unable to empathize would not give the patient the same feeling that they get from an amazing healthcare provider. Without empathy, the patient would never feel comfortable, and interacting with a healthcare provider would be something they possibly feared or disliked.

Empathy allows a healthcare provider to provide the best service and makes them superior to others in the same profession. The best healthcare providers possess the quality of empathy and have shown that it is one of the most important qualities that makes them great.

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