How Romeo and Juliet Displays the Average Teenage Brain

At the point when Tybalt murders Mercutio, Romeo quickly turns towards Tybalt and pronounces, ‘Either thou or I, or both, must go with him.'(3.1.27). In this statement, Romeo is revealing to Tybalt that he will either slaughter him, himself, or the them two for Mercutio. Romeo at that point continues to murder Tybalt without thinking about the outcomes of doing as such. Romeo’s impulsivity is unmistakable here. He puts together his whole choice with respect to his current passionate state. Seeing conduct similitudes between young people today and Romeo and Juliet can help gain a more grounded comprehension of the play. Critical parallels exist in Romeo and Juliet and most youngsters in the twenty-first century on the grounds that both are imprudent, defiant, and overdramatic.

Today, insubordination is normal in youngsters all around the globe just as Romeo and Juliet. In a contention with her mom, Juliet advises her, ‘I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear/It shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate,/Rather than Paris. These are news indeed!'(3.5.122-124). Stealthily, Juliet and Romeo are both hitched, however Juliet’s folks need her to wed Paris. Seemingly out of the blue, Juliet discloses to her mom that she wouldn’t like to wed anybody, yet tosses in the way that she’d preferably wed Romeo. Juliet makes a point to outrage her mother, appearing insubordinate side. Romeo certainly has an insubordinate side also. At the point when Juliet hears him outside of her window and requests Romeo’s name, he answers her with, ‘My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself/Because it is an enemy to thee./Had I it written, I would tear the word.’ He reveals to Juliet that he loathes his family name since his

family is an adversary of her family. Given the chance, he’d like to transform it and repudiate his family name because of his captivation by her. This demonstrates Romeo is insubordinate on the grounds that he couldn’t care less at all about fulfilling his family. Inspiring his family is so immaterial to him that, in a moment, he is upbeat to totally isolate himself from them. Beside defiance, self-centeredness is here also. Current young people, generally, care just about themselves, and they don’t have a delicate side towards power figures. In the event that anything, numerous teenagers get a surge by defying or maddening specialist, as found in the association among Juliet and her mom.

Juliet and Romeo are both overdramatic all through the play as are numerous teenagers for the duration of regular day to day existence. In the start of the play, everybody ponders where Romeo is, however his dad before long clarifies that ‘Away from light steals home my heavy son/And private in his chamber pens himself,/Shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out.'(1.1.133-135). Here, Montague advises everybody that Romeo has secured himself his room and has been crying throughout the day. Afterward, Romeo leaves his room and clarifies that the reason he’d been crying is that Rosaline, a young lady he adored, did not have any desire to engage in sexual relations with him and, accordingly, she didn’t love him. This demonstrates securing himself his room throughout the day is a finished eruption. For a great many people, being not able engage in sexual relations is disquieting, however not totally decimating.

However, this isn’t the situation for Romeo. Long after in the story, Juliet swings to Friar Lawrence after Romeo leaves and requests, ‘Do thou but call my resolution wise/And with this knife I’ll help it presently.'(4.1.53-54). She tells the Friar that on the off chance that he has nothing more than trouble guidance for her, she will murder herself. Juliet has turned out to be so

appended to a kid that she met just a couple of days back that she undermines to submit suicide, making this one over dramatic scene. These days, teenagers will turn out to be similarly as enthusiastic as Romeo and Juliet are in these circumstances over the littlest of issues. Regardless of whether it’s a terrible separation or a repudiated benefit, anticipate that any young person should have a tantrum.

All through the play Juliet additionally commits some key errors that lead to her demise. One of her greatest shortcomings is going gaga for Romeo so rapidly. Another incautious choice is consenting to take the dozing elixir. She does this since she can’t consider much else agonizing than wedding Paris. Juliet’s greatest oversight was powering Romeo with affection. Different characters helped reason the demise of Romeo and Juliet, yet they were just minor reasons contrasted with Romeo and Juliet. The primary explanation behind their demise was not destiny, however imprudent choices.

The present young people are defiant, incautious, and overdramatic, and these equivalent attributes are available in Romeo and Juliet all through the play. Since the high school practices in Romeo and Juliet exist today, the play still has indistinguishable sort of significance now from it did when composed. At the point when individuals read the play, they can identify with the characters to a specific degree. Up to a story maintains some kind of cash, the notoriety of said story will never waver.