How Much Pressure do Girls go Through to Have the “Perfect Body”?

In 2016, a girls attitude survey conducted 40% of girls in the UK, ages 7 to 21, were not happy with their body. Body size should not matter. Girls are pressured to have the perfect body from the media, boys they have interest in, and stress from home and from friends. Personality should be what really matters in relationships, not the size or looks of someone.

For example, 67% of 12-13 year old girls are exposed to models on social media. The media portrays a perfect girl to be beautiful, blonde, have perfect bodies, and have long legs. A good model basically looks like a living barbie. To have a perfect body like these models, it costs thousands of dollars. 16 billion dollars in the US was made off of plastic surgery last year. How do you think redheads with freckles and a normal body weight feel like when they see one of these people?

Another reason is boys. Some girls feel pressure from their boyfriends to look pretty and have the perfect body. A boy sometimes can be too demanding towards a girl. If he feels like he could do better, he might leave her just because of her body or looks. Personality should be the key to a good relationship.

Last but not least, stress can affect the way a girl looks at herself. A girls emotions build up inside until she can’t take it anymore. When someone mentions something about her body or others perfect bodies, she feels the need to be just like them. Letting her emotions build up can destroy her mentally. Low confidence levels and negative self image lead women to feel depressed until she feels like she looks perfect. Most of the time, she will never feel perfect because there’s always something she could change. Not having the perfect body can also lead to eating disorders. 90% of eating disorders are reported by girls who thought their bodies weren’t the size they wanted them. All of these are created by stress building up inside.

To conclude, girls go through an unspeakable amount of pressure to have the perfect body. Speaking from a girls viewpoint, boys may go through the same pressure but not speak out about it. The world’s biggest problem nowadays is pressuring everyone to be perfect or just be better than someone else. Models, boys, and stress pressure girls jarastically. Maybe one day, people will learn that being perfect doesn’t matter. Love isn’t based on looks.