Homosexuality Studies: Sexual Orientation Is Not a Choice

Doctors and researchers have been studying sexual orientation and human behavior since the 1950s. The research looks at the factors that can cause someone who carries homosexual genes to differ from someone who carries heterosexual genes. The data validates points regarding DNA, social background, and environmental change factors. This explains how the first medical researcher to study human sexual behavior did his work. Beganing with the 1950s when studies of sexuality ultimately contributed to the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Prior to the infamous Kinsey Report, no one had interviewed and published an analysis of Americans and their sexual desires. As a way of organization, research explores Kinsey’s findings on behavior and sexual activity. The new findings and new information that show how someone is affected by genes and generational markers, thus, giving indications of homosexual orientation.

Kinsey studies

Kinsey was the first doctor to look deeper into sexual behaviour, he looked at their desires rather than what causes it. In his work he started with looking at the male population. In just the beginning of his finding he discovered that at least some homosexual experience between adolescence and old age. In addition, he found that about 60 per cent of the pre-adolescent boys engage in homosexual activities(kinsey.2003). His findings show that men tend to avoid all urges by staying away from men. In addition he found that men are always aware of their ability to reacting to other males. These facts that were brought to light was very controversial because it wasn’t seen as normal during the time period. Many conservatives had not even been taught or even learned about their bodies, therefore it was very difficult for kinsey to get an accurate number surrounding the nature and the extent of the homosexual community.

I say this to say not all subjects were okay with talking about their private life. In 1948 the difficulties of assessing this information began. The Participants who involved themselves in the studies are merely just a indication of human nature. With that being said kinsey’s could not know the extent of the homosexual behavior.

With his studies he looked the basics instead of making his practices about the dna, and biological root. To kinsey it was nothing more than a normal human behavior the shunned upon because it was not talked about. It was made clear in the information provide on his work; that if it had only been about a small number of uncommon people within that current population. As a whole the research being gathered was starting to point fingers that all admitted behavior were a important part, of human sexuality patterns as a whole. Many findings ultimately related to same sex relations had began to castrate the different aspects dealing with human behavior. Science with dna had began to be considered not long after the kinsey study.

Scientific examination

To began looking at the underlining effect of homosexuaity you have to know the definition. Homosexuality is defined as sexual relations between like genders this could be two males or two females. A neurologist named Sigmund Freud was the first to come up with the idea of what can ultimately determine a child’s sexual orientation. He stated that however the relationship rests between a child and parents can affect that child’s orientation. This is where the popular topic of nurture or nature comes in.With the suggestion of a parent child relation being put into the mix this would be considered a nurturing aspect. So to say this has completely let the theory of someone being born this way go. The author points out how some behaviors are more considered to be explained by genetics, such as alcoholism, and schizophrenia(miller,d,2004). He questions readers to make them think about behaviors that are usually related to uncontrollable urges. Pushing the the thought of are you born this way or is it indeed learned. Many people want to know hard facts of what indeed cause a particular behavior. In order for someone to do this they would have to continue to analyze individuals dna. It is highly believed that the answer would be found in the chromosomes analyzed among a homosexual person.

Information alloted that the human sex chromosomes have been successfully followed, read and put in order. This had been done by many trained scientist across the world in order to know the underlying suggested genes pointing to homosexuality. It is explained that there is no secret the amount of genes in the X and y chromosome which is found to be a total of 1168 ( NCBI, 2004). The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that the amount of genes in the Y chromosome is significantly smaller contains only fifty million pairs, and is estimated to contain a small amount of 251 genes(NCBI,2004).

The construct is evaluated to find any significant differences that can shift an individual’s orientation. There are many things these scientist have to take into consideration, but two of the most important things are what gene is it, and what causes this gene to become? The information will not be plausible without a correct subject manner explaing these chain effects.

There were many institutions whose work was included in the provided information including Baylor University, Max Planck Institute, Sanger Institute, Washington University in St. Louis, and etc. The institutions had spent a great amount of time analyzing and dissecting the chromosomes. The more information that was collected from volunteers the more that was discovered about specific genes.The research provided details ambient enough to create maps for genes. The scientist used actual sequences from the Human Genome Project. According to merriam`webster the human genome project was a international research program whose goal was to complete the mapping and understanding of all the genes of human beings. Which is our genes together are known as our ‘genome.’ they did this because this project had no guide for a X or Y chromosome that contains any “gay gene.”This leaves us wondering the truth regarding homosexuality and when will there be answers found. Instead of going off of theories science need to be the main source in explaining the role in its presence.

Behavioral genetics & rights

It hard to understand how genetics and rights plays hand in hand with one another when it comes to human sexuality. In terms it can be hard to receive acceptance without understanding. It is publicly know that the LGBT community is in a constant fight against discrimination based on their orientation or even gender identity. They face problems in all aspects, including employment, housing, public accommodations, doctors visits, child custody and military (Garretson,2015).

The ideas that homosexuals deserve equal rights like anyone is just often presumed. The community Should not have to suppress their feelings about homosexuality. The author compare the fight for the acceptance of homosexuality to “civil rights” movements of racial minorities. The only way to be able to help settle this is to get scientific evidence, the information cannot be found in a way that it made out to be a disease or condition. Many people would want answers and then think that it is something that can be “cured”. Human behavior continues to change over time and these changes encourages a movement towards biological influences. There is allot you can gather from new research and one of the things being is that surveys can create a strong argument about homosexuality. Many explanations from individuals in the community can be used in the information provided with gay rights. Explanations of which group of people were more likely to accept the information of biological evidence of homosexuality entails how important it is for research to acknowledge the great public interest, and civil rights.

Biological Factors

When dealing with biological factors differences between female and male were noted to be well known in the research. The scientist writes that men’s sexual orientation is often closely related to their patterns of sexual arousal. When dealing with a women he finds that it is not as clear. To get a physical understanding scientist conduct experiments to see how homosexuals react to men, his studies found that homosexual men started to have genital arousal to male stimulus. The subjects were also found to be aroused by female stimuli (hamer,1993). When the scientist tested the heterosexual females they showed a different pattern, they explained that females began to show around the same levels of arousal to male and female stimuli. At the end of the research they found that the homosexual females do not show an arousal to specific things as the males. In another conclusion they found that there was more of a presence of a bisexual attraction in females than in males (hamer,1993).

Feelings of predominantly homosexual attractions were almost absence. The experiment provide a lump sum of new information but not enough to answer the question of what causes these reactions. Bailey and his colleagues explained that anyone acting differently than what is expected of them then can be a indication. The scientist research findings are not strong enough to find support for the idea that sexual orientation can be changed on que or even taught or learned. It is thoroughly explained that with time it is more common for more cases of homosexuality. These orientations become more prevalent the more it is socially accepted there tends to be a increase in social tolerance. The article can begin to show a shift in how they are beginning to find hard-core evidence in this continuous study.

Scientist agree that it is not plausible to say they have enough evidence, to specifically say it true but it pointing in the right direction. The studies shows how you can show that they do what they can to include every aspect of sexual orientation.The authors also take on the popular debate over whether sexual orientation is a choice, a question they say is illogical.The author stated that “People have often thought unclearly about sexual orientation and the political consequences of research,” resulting in “The question of whether sexual orientation is ‘chosen’ has divided pro-and anti-gay forces for decades.The question of causation is mostly irrelevant to the culture wars.”(venosa,2016) The authors say sexual orientation is based on desires, and we do not choose our desires.“Sexual orientation is an important human trait, and we should study it without fear, and without political constraint,” Bailey said. “The more controversial a topic, the more we should invest in acquiring unbiased knowledge, and science is the best way to acquire unbiased knowledge.”(venosa,2016)