Homosexuality is Congenital or Acquired

Homosexuality has been around for a very long time but the term “homosexual” was actually invented in the 19th century. Social arrogances towards same sex relationships have changed over time, from expecting all males to engage in same sex relationships, to casual integration, through acceptance, to seeing the practice as a minor sin, repressing it through law enforcement and judicial means, and to forbidding it under penalty of death.

Homosexuals are individuals that are attracted to the same sex, and its being accepted by many nations worldwide, and people are accepting and adapting the idea of it no matter the consequence even its on one’s self expense. Many people view it as a natural thing, but others think it is absolutely wrong and utterly a personal choice, it has been considered despicable, and discerned for many years to have the same sex sexual preference. How could a person go against some ones so called belief and culture, homosexuality has been an ongoing debatable topic for decades and remains a forbidden subject for many.

The debate starts with two main alliances, liberals and conservatives. Both groups on opposite sides of the scale have created noise on what is right and what is wrong in respects to homosexuality. Social, religious, and personal beliefs have formed many opinions and views on the viewpoint of homosexuality, therefore creating opposing areas without the thought of scientific proof. In the turn of the era, LGBTQ rights have stretched across the country and many who recognize under the whole of homosexuality have grown complex civil rights and support with many different communities, nevertheless, there still are leftovers of people who don’t agree with how someone becomes or is a homosexual.

Is homosexuality somebodys own choice or could it be genetics? Touching this subject around the loom of three different disciplines like sociology, biology, and cultural and ethnic studies, will help clarify the wonder that homosexuality is by something that is urbanized through the influences of many variables. Personalities often used now a days as sexual identity for homosexual, such as straight, bisexual, gay, and queer. Today, America is still faced with segregation issues; only today it isn’t only about the color of skin but about your sexual orientation. A private matter that is suppose to be between two individuals, whether they are heterosexually or homosexually married, has become an issue of society. When it comes to finding a job, getting married, and all the legal rights involved in a marriage, homosexual couples are criticized and in some states not allowed. If it is proven to be natural, meaning no one has control over the people they choose to love, how could one deprive another from that happiness? Why should homosexuals be treated differently if it is proven that they have no control over the sexual preference? Well, the opposing side believes that homosexuals choose their orientation, and they are the groups that stand behind these anti-homosexual laws and believe that they should deal with the complications that come with loving the same sex.

The only chance that homosexuals of having peace about the situation is being able to prove that it is natural and therefore should be given the chance to pursue the “American Dream”. Homosexuality is a complicated aspect of our natural world, and there are many factors that can cause a human as well as many other species to become homosexual, some which are choices, but research has proven that sexual orientation is genetic and that there are only a slim amount of environmental interaction factors that effects one’s orientation. Scientists look into its background and origins of homosexuality.

Some believe it is developmental or some have even tried to diagnose a disorder back originally. There are many valid points to either side that can be discussed and much information to be researched about this topic. On one hand, people may say that you are born gay due to your genetic makeup because they always seem to know that they have been gay; on the other hand some people may argue that your surroundings sway you to become gay because some people may not come out until their later years. Both sides pose important questions such as; is there a chance that you could have a gay offspring if nobody in your family line was ever gay if it deals with genetics? Or maybe if you are born gay, then why don’t people talk about it or even come out until later in life? Does your family situation involving how many brothers and/or sisters you have effect the sexuality of someone or is that aspect just completely disregarded? All of these questions can be answered with simple explanations and when it comes down to it all, there is no correct side to this argument; it is all what people believe. There are many people who are firm believers that if you are gay, you were born that way and it has nothing to do with your surrounding environment. In my opinion, Homosexuality is most likely developed while an individual is growing up.

A man ‘s childhood directly affects his psychological behavior and preferences later in his life. It is likely to detect social mental behaviors as comparable or alike as the parents. Furthermore, a person may have the same eye color of a parent, same lips size, same nose size and same hair follicles as the mom or dad. Things as behavior and originality possibly will be rare, the distant nature and people someone can associate themselves with are the prime influences to sway the way a person creates and grow a one of a kind personality. The conflicting view is nurture, it’s all about nurture.

Agreeing with this exact theory, a heritable influence on the highlights of a person and how they grow up, environment also plays a greater role in the development of the grown up person. If the guardian or the person who raises a little baby starts teaching the young child since birth to become one of the best football players of all time from the start, then most likely that child will grow up to be a great football player. The child will be able to to prosper in that specific sport. Being yourself, being who you are, a person is born and untaught into this world, just being baby with no opinions, tastes, thoughts, it’s all about nuture. How the baby is raised and taught how to behave and grow is the way that child will develop its identity and likings as it grows.

Some people think it can be about nature as well, I don’t disagree. Individuals who believe they were born and have always had a personality fit in the side of nature. Nature is the belief that genetic characteristics make people who they are, and it is focused on the hereditary training and growth. Everyday someone new that was brought into this world will learn something new. Constantly from the day of their birth, and the home nature, along with how family members treat one another is the most important role in the progress.

An individual can’t enjoy playing football or swear that they love playing football before actually trying it, minus the skill, it is difficult to demand you enjoy this hobby, so the practice and feelings make us who we are. There is no way it could not have been planted in the genes that they would love playing football. I think everyone deserves to be who he or she want to be and not try to make everyone happy or be fake to him or herself. Express who you really are because at the end you’re only hurting yourself and if you’re happy that’s all that matters.