Hate crime in Wisconsin

“The center also attributes this spurt of hate group growth to the rise of Trump and his inflammatory rhetoric during the presidential campaign.” (Ibrahim) The influence of Trump’s presidency increase bigotry throughout the nation which form hate groups toward minority. It is hard to believed that Wisconsin is rate as being the top highest racist state in the United States but believed it or not it is. Wisconsin is a racist state that creates varies forms of bigoted, compared to other states.

The first main argument is that Wisconsin have demonstrate multiply forms of bigoted. It’s been shown that multiply bigots occurs in Wisconsin that has cause a big impact to the committees. Wisconsin had multiple record of hate crime towards different ethnicity. Wisconsin’s department of justice had reported that there were about “48 hate crime-related incidents in 2012. That number slightly increased to 53 in 2013, and then decrease to 51 in 2014.” (Ibrahim). Wisconsin was also reported as the worst state in America for racial inequality.

In Wisconsin, it has reported that African American has the lowest rate inequality. African American are rated for 10.6 percentage of unemployment and home owner-ship rate, 26.2 percentage. (Taylor, Lena, and David Dahmer). Wisconsin is the worst state for African American and “more than half of all African-American males in their 30s and 40s had served time in state prison.” (Scott Walker’s Record on Race & Ethnicity)

Next argument is comparing Wisconsin for being the worst state in America to other States. Comparing Wisconsin to other states, Wisconsin have shown to be the worst states out of all other states. Wisconsin’s is a home to 70 percentage of Wisconsin’s African American population and have troubling racial fault lines. Wisconsin have shown “the highest rate of black unemployment in the nation and the highest rate of black incarceration. Black children are ranked the lowest in the country for overall well-being.” (Schneider, Dan) Wisconsin’s incarceration rated as 676 percentages comparing to United States. (Initiative, Prison Policy) Wisconsin was also reported to have put more African Americans in prison than other states.

Last argument, we should come together and stop these bigots and have equality. As a country full of different ethnicity, we should come together to help reduce racial biases and inequality in the USA. One thing is to break the cycle of racism is an important step because learning about race and about the reasons behind those inequities. (Lopez, German)

To sum up, Wisconsin is a racist state that creates varies forms of bigoted, compared to other states. Its been shown that Wisconsin has multiple record of hate crime towards different groups. In Wisconsin, it has the highest rate of unemployment of African American and about half of African American in their 30s to 40s have sever in prison. We all should stop these bigots by coming together and fight for equality.